Best crypto exchanges in Australia

A recent study found that 1 in 5 Australians have owned cryptocurrency at some point. Moreover, with an increasing number of Australian citizens investing their funds in digital currency. There is an observable surge in the top 10 crypto exchanges in Australia discussed below. Here is a look at the ten leading best crypto exchanges in Australia.


Backed by InvestbyBit Pty Ltd., Binance is the best crypto exchange in Australia. Moreover, Binance offers the lowest trading fees and robust Ironclad security. Ensuring the protection of data and funds against all risks. Similarly, features like instant buy and seamless customer support make Binance a reliable exchange platform for trading cryptocurrencies. Some notable features are as follows:

In conclusion, many Altcoins are still missing on the platform. Binance is not known for being friendly to beginners when it comes to trading.


Recognized by top financial experts and publications. Swyftx is taking cryptocurrency trading to a new high. It is the best crypto exchange in Australia. Moreover, unique platform features, great prices, and spreads are key factors of Swyftx’s popularity in the Australian market. In addition, Swyftx provides users with real-time feed for faster trades and 2FA security for secured fund deposits. Here are some features that make Swyftx one of the best crypto exchanges in Australia:

  • Support for seamless AUD deposits and withdrawals
  • Live chat consumer support for all users
  • Document REST API and combined order books

Swyftx only accepts AUD in fiat deposits. However, other currencies are available in large transfers.


Coinspot is an Australia-based top cryptocurrency exchange. Like many popular exchanges, Coinspot has been a trustworthy name in the Australian financial market since 2013. Coinspot, a pioneer in secure trading, has made instant buying and selling cryptocurrency easy. Some notable features include:

  • Allowing locking trades at the lowest possible price
  • Inventory of over 310 cryptocurrencies
  • Direct crypto swap feature
  • Stop loss, Limit orders, and over the counter trading 

The trading fee offered by Coinspot varies significantly and is higher than the competitors.


Established in 2013, Coinjar is one of the oldest and best crypto trading platforms in Australia. Coinjar is known for its simple and easy-to-use products. Like its mobile application and Coinjar Card. In addition to a family of 400k+ users, Coinjar is backed by some of the leading investing groups. It is one of the most reliable exchanges out there. Some key features include:

  • A beginner-friendly platform
  • Offers competitive fee structure
  • Ensures high security and is registered with AUSTRAC and AML

Coinjar currently offers a limited number of crypto assets. Moreover, only Australian users can withdraw or deposit fiat currencies.


Founded with a mission to create a safe and user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange, Digital Surge has impacted the Australian market in recent years. Furthermore, the website traffic entirely runs over encrypted SSL (HTTPS) for security. Digital Surge offers a safe and stress-free trading experience. It provides features like:

  • 2-step verification for all withdrawals
  • Zero charges on all AUD withdrawals
  • Free Cryptocurrency and PayID deposits
  • Considered as the best crypto exchange in Australia

Digital Surge does not support credit card transactions, known for catering to new traders more than experienced investors.


Coinbase is the most renowned platform for Bitcoin trading. In addition, the exchange is present in 100+ countries and has 48M+ users. Coinbase provides multiple payment gateways, support for more than 46 cryptocurrencies, and much more. Some noteworthy features are:

  • Seamless trading experience for traders
  • Intensely focussed customer support
  • Best app for cryptocurrency trading

One could have second thoughts about using Coinbase because of its relatively higher fee compared to the competition.


Trusted by over 8000 Self-managed super funds, Independent Reserve is Australia’s most trusted Cryptocurrency exchange. In addition, a 200,000 Australian, New Zealand, and Global combined customer base makes Independent Reserve a reliable platform. Here are some key features offered by the Independent reserve:

In conclusion, Independent Reserve currently offers a limited range of coins and varying liquidity, which could refrain a segment of investors.


eToro lets you mirror the trades made by your friends, along with expert traders. In addition, it has one of the cleanest UIs for new investors in trading crypto without any hassle. The interface is embedded with risk management tools. In addition, social media integration helps to connect with fellow traders. Also, it is the best place to trade crypto if you are a beginner. Some features offered by eToro are:

  • Connect with traders online to analyze popular trades and tips
  • Free stock and ETF trading
  • Free insurance up to 1 million Euro/AUD

eToro charges a slightly higher fee (0.75% per BTC trade) than the rest of its competitors.


Kraken has remained one of the favorite trading platforms for more than 4 million investors since 2011. Currently offering 47 assets at a competitive market fee. Kraken helps the investors chart their trade flow with tools specially designed to leverage as the trade volume grows. Here is a look at some great features offered by Kraken:

  • Comprehensive security approach
  • Fiat and crypto funding options
  • Low processing time
  • Global 24/7 customer support

In conclusion, Kraken has extremely high instant buying fees and a poor selection of educational materials.


Backed by their excellent customer support Coinmama has been a trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange since 2013. Coinmama has partnered with ZenGo (first keyless Bitcoin wallet). Ensuring seamless trading and low-risk transactions within their dashboard. Some other features offered by Coinmama are:

  • Easy to understand guides for customers
  • Helpful customer support team
  • Beginner friendly and simple UI
  • It also has the best crypto exchange app to trade crypto

Selling cryptocurrency is limited to BTC for customers in 37 SEPA European countries

Final Words

Australia has adopted cryptocurrency legislation. Making cryptocurrencies, digital currencies, and cryptocurrency exchanges legal. Australia has a history of proactive cryptocurrency regulation. Furthermore, the new rules show the country’s commitment to providing a clear operating framework for bitcoin firms in the future. You can have a look at the above-discussed best crypto exchanges in Australia. With Metaverse multiplying in the technology world, many NFTs taking place in the Decentralized Finance aspects.

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