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The world of NFT is evolving, and each passing day is throwing up surprises. This transformation has been relatively rapid and comes with a lot of benefits. One such new kid on the block is Art Blocks which has taken the world of digital art trading by storm.

What is Art Blocks?

Art Blocks is an Ethereum based platform that provides unique, programmable, and on-demand generative NFT art to collectors, enthusiasts, and investors. The process that Art Blocks uses is called NFT drops.

What are NFT Drops?

This method enables the user to mint an NFT but is unaware of what they are receiving beforehand.

What is Generative Art?

It is pertinent to know what generative art is before delving into the success of the platform. Generative art uses p5.js, a JavaScript library that allows creative coding. Hence, when a collector mints a new artwork, a unique code or “seed” is generated with this script. This makes every artwork unique.

Types of Art Blocks Project

Art Blocks currently manages three projects:


As the name suggests, this section is hand-picked by the Art Blocks team. The selection process is rigorous and may take up to two years for a single selection. Each set drives the Art Blocks vision. The platform releases a new collection of generative art every quarter.


This is for those artists whose work has already been showcased in the Curated section. The vetting process in this section is not as rigorous though the quality of artwork remains as phenomenal as ever. Artists, however, must follow a few basic rules, namely, one project release at a time, and the gap between two releases should be at least one month. As the name itself suggests, the Playground is a veritable playground for the imagination.


Because of the long wait of curated NFTs, the Art Blocks team created the Factory for newer creators to help them participate in NFT drops. The vetting process remains rigorous since the platform aims to provide collectors with high-quality digital art.

How to Get a curated NFT from Art Blocks?

Initial Mint

This would mean buying it directly from the website after paying a high gas fee. The flipside to this method is that the curated artwork gets sold off most of the time.

The Secondary Market

This remains the most tried and tested way to buy generative NFT. Secondary marketplaces like OpenSea specialize in NFT sales. The individual would need to have a wallet and enough ETH and ETH gas fees. The wallet would need to be linked to OpenSea, and the exact artwork searched by filtering. It is always advisable to select a collection with a verified mark. This is to prevent oneself from getting scammed.

The Success of Art Blocks

The rise of Art Blocks NFT has been truly magnificent. In August 2021, it did almost $600,000,000 in NFT sales volume, far more than all the other NFT platforms combined.

Final Words

The Art Works curated NFTs is the talk of the town, and any collector worth their salt is engaging the platform to collect sought-after generative art. It is another matter that any project selected by the Art Blocks curated team is the crème de la crème in the world of generative art.

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