Unlike other NFT platforms, CoolCats stands out of the crowd for its cool collection of unique NFTs. Want to get a cool cat for yourself? Read on to know more about the platform and its pros and cons.

What is CoolCats?

In the simplest of terms, CoolCats is a massive collection of NFTs. They are all generated randomly and are curated stylistically. They feature all sorts of cats in an array of outfits. What’s best about it is that all of them are unique in their cool way. This NFT Collection hosts many events for users, including giveaways and NFT claims.

  • CoolCats features 10,000 random NFTs.
  • They provide 300k varieties of options.
  • They are all Ethereum-based.

CoolCats NFTs: Pricing & Price Statistics

In the Q3 of 2021, the average price of a CoolCat was 2 ETH which kept rising and reached 6.5 ETH by the beginning of Q4. Rare CoolCats have been sold for about 320 ETH while a few exotic ones have been sold for about 70 ETH.

What are the Uses and Benefits?

CoolCats is said to have returned nearly a fifth of the ETH from its primary sales back to users and owners through giveaways and contests. CoolCat users and owners receive quite a few benefits including limited editions of NFTs related to these collections each month. Apart from them, owners also receive:

  • A $MILK Token: $MILK tokens will be provided for all owners with which they can buy further gears and accessories for their cats.
  • Future Airdrops: These are simply free-of-cost NFTs and tokens provided by these to all users.
  • CoolCat Breeding: Users who own more than one CoolCat can combine them to create an entirely new generation of these NFT collection. This process is similar to that introduced by CryptoKitties.

How Many CoolCats are out There Today?

To date, 5033 users have bought CoolCats. 4 of the 10000 belong to the original creators. 66 of these NFT collections are categorized as “super rare”. In the last 7 days, however, 108 of them have been bought.

Is It a Good Idea to Invest in this NFT Collection?

Human beings have adored cats since times immemorial and the digital age has not yet harmed their affection and fascination for cats. The sale and demand of CoolCats is proof of the statement. The momentum is well carried on by the active as well as enthusiastic CoolCat community. The market cap price of CoolCats NFTs is currently $321,749,461.68. Judging by the very demand of it, investing in CoolCats is not a bad idea after all.

Final Words

Each cat on CoolCats is unique: they are blue and come in various costumes, including chef hats and Knight’s attires. You can choose the cat that looks the coolest for you. So, what are you waiting for?

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