CorruptCatz is a relatively new NFT with the noble mission of supporting feline communities globally. Investing in this NFT at this stage would be a good decision considering the return potential.

What is CorruptCatz?

If you are an investor exploring lucrative NFT collections, you cannot possibly overlook CorruptCatz. There are 10,000 stylishly corrupted and randomly generated non-fungible tokens. These cool tokens exist on the Ethereum blockchain. These kitty-themed NFTs are drawing the attention of investors. Cat owners would love to capitalize on this opportunity to help safeguard, support, and protect online communities for felines. Therefore, every minted token would generate monetary support to charities and non-profit organizations for cats, that you can choose.

CorruptCatz NFTs Pricing & Price Statistics

CorruptCatz has registered impressive figures of 1,929.71 SOL in terms of the trading volume. It has a market cap of 266.35 SOL and a floor price of 0.19 SOL. There have been 1,329 all-time sales of these tokens, while the average price is 1.452 SOL. Presently, these tokens come at the cost of 2.0 SOL. Currently, the CorruptCatz tokens have 603 owners, accounting for around 69.31% of the ownership.

What are the uses of this NFT Collection?

CorruptCatz has been developed considering the passion of a global cat lover community. The developers have decided to deploy the crypto space for their betterment. The NFTs are basically meant for cat owners, although anyone can mint them to give back funds to the non-profit organizations and charities looking after the welfare of cats. The objective is to ensure that cats enjoy a safe home. Evidently, 20% of the royalties go to cat charities. Presently, CorruptCatz encompasses a community of more than 18,000 strong global members.

How many CorruptCatz are out there today?

There are 10,000 unique specialized tokens of CorruptCatz out there in the NFT market today. As several investors have already got their tokens, the number of remaining tokens would be lower than the original figures.

Is investing in CorruptCatz a good investment?

Investing in any potential NFT would be a lucrative decision at this age. When it comes to CorruptCatz, there’s definitely a strong earning potential out there. Given that cat lovers across the globe would be interested in purchasing these tokens, there’s a huge scope to get positive returns from the investment in the long run. Moreover, the gains would be used for a noble cause, supporting feline communities and helping them sustain themselves.

Being a cat lover, you might consider investing in this NFT. Comparing the average price and the current market price of CorruptCatz tokens, it appears that the token value has been increasing significantly. It would be good for investors to buy CorruptCatz tokens before further escalating prices.

Final Words

With the multiplicity of tokens out there in the NFT world, you would be looking out for the ones promising impressive returns. CorruptCatz continues to be a great investment option, considering its noble cause and global appeal to the community. Evidently, investors should try not to miss out on the great opportunity to capitalize on the opportunity.

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