The Flippies collection consists of 10,000 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) who want to ensure a fair distribution for NFT participants using Solanium’s lottery system.

NFT stands for a Non-Fungible Token, which means it cannot be exchanged for another token because of its unique features. For example, one piece of art is not similar to another; both have unique properties. NFT tokens live on a blockchain and represent the ownership of a unique item. NFT representing your digital asset contains some unique information about it, such as a file’s fingerprint, a token name, and a symbol. Let us now know about Flippies NFT Collection.

About Flippies NFT collection 

The Flippies collection consists of 10,000 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) whose purpose is to invade the Solana blockchain. These NFTs have a one-of-a-kind design along with owner-exclusive evidence on the Solana blockchain. They want to ensure a fair distribution for NFT participants by conducting multiple sale rounds and offering permanent decentralized storage. Each Flippie has a unique id that ranges from #1 to #10,000. Furthermore, because Flippies have over 50 attributes that define its rarity, no two Flippies are ever the same. 

Included Attributes on Flippies

  • Types – Solana, Alien, Zombie, Original, Pink, Green.
  • BackgroundsSolana, Green, Pink, Sead, Yellow, Lavender.
  • Eyes – Goggles, Laser eyes, Summer black, Viper, Summer thug life, Summer yellow, Summer pink, Zorro.
  • Hats – Crown, Blond hair, Ninja, Pirate, Beret green, Prop cap, Beret red, Cap, Mexican, Beanie, Cap backward, Farmer hat, Punk, Black hat, Mc cap, Afro, Straw hat.
  • Clothes – Police vest, Smoking, Rari, Black sweater, Dollar necklace, Tommy, Frutci, P hub, Lou loui, Super, Camouflage green, Berry, Camouflage blue, Camouflage red, Bodywarmer blue.

How to Get Flippies NFT Collection

As explained earlier, the platform intends to ensure a fair distribution of its NFT. Thus, it implements Solanium’s lottery system. Also, you must know that you can see all of the available Flippies, but you can’t choose the one you want. Instead, they will be distributed at random. Here’s the process –

  • Solanium will compile a list of all winning addresses after the whitelisting sign-up period and sale. 
  • Next, The Solana blockchain’s blockhash for future slot 97,105,000 will then be used to arrange this list at random.
  • Finally, depending on the order of that randomly sorted list, all Flippies will be dispersed from 1 to 10,000.

To ensure that the distribution was carried out fairly, you can check all randomization and a replication package on their GitHub. 

Final Words

Once the Flippies get distributed, the creators plan to introduce more projects to help Solana grow even more as a community. The first step is to empower the community by giving the sale participants and community supporters exclusive Flippies apparel for free. Next, the community will release a marketplace for trading Flippies. It is with lower transaction costs and a community-wide anti-fake listing. In addition, a Flippie NFT Collection store will be opened where official items will be available for purchase, and the holders will receive discounts on Flippie items.

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