Investing in NFTs happens to be a lucrative business for potential investors. Particularly, when you explore the latest NFT projects of established names like Larva Labs, you cannot possibly overlook Meebits. This project consists of as many as 20,000 unique three-dimensional characters.

Most importantly, one can trade Meebits without any trading fee. The investment potential of Meebits is such, that more than 9,000 of these characters were sold within 8 hours of launch at a price over 22,000 ETH.  Through this review, you will get a complete idea of whether to invest in Meebits NFT.

What Is Meebits?

Developed on the Ethereum blockchain using an algorithm, Meebits are 3D character voxels that are similar to CryptoPunks. However, the latter involved two-dimensional avatars for Discord and Twitter. Meebits, on the other hand, provide avatars in three dimensions for VR platforms, games, and other virtual settings. Meebits will significantly boost the gaming field, particularly VR games. One can operate these avatars over multiple platforms. These characters are similar to the ones in popular games like Roblox and Minecraft.

Pricing And Price Statistics

To give you an idea about the Meebits pricing and statistics, we have come up with the following statistics.

  • On May 4, Meebit #8598 got sold at 420 ETH, which is equivalent to around $1.4 million.
  • The prices of single Meebit NFTs are also on the rise.
  • Recently, other tokens were sold for more than $1 million.
  • In the last 30 days, around 4,901 Meebits were sold.
  • The cheapest one was for $7,800, while someone shelled out $31,700 for the most expensive one.
  • The average price for Meebit tokens in the last month has been around $13,800.

What Are The Uses of this NFT Collectible?

The users will get the same experience as collecting cards on this platform. Moreover, you can trade Meebits for other items. An additional pack of assets is also owned by the Meebits owners, encompassing the complete 3D model. This can be animated or deployed in the metaverse as an avatar.

  • Meebits can be used across the metaverse as avatars, 3D printed objects, and as 3D models in animated forms.
  • At the time of purchasing a Meebit, you would also receive a complementary asset pack with the complete 3D model. With this, you would have a T-pose OBJ file compatible with animation and 3D modelling software. Therefore, you can make the NFT even more alluring through animation.
  • Besides, you can use these characters for fun dance moves or stunts. This can help you foster greater engagement to the platform on social media.
  • One can turn these 3D models into pixel arts of two dimensions and post the same as display images on social media.
  • You can also use them as avatars in games and even print them out physically.

What Makes Investing In Meebits A Good Investment?

In the last few months, this NFT has been steady in soaring up the trading charts without any major glitch. These NFTs will be gaining extensive popularity in the coming years, considering the limited number of characters available (20,000). It would be a wise decision on your end to invest in Meebits NFTs. You would be the gainer as the prices appreciate in the coming months.

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