Skeleton Crew Skull

The rise of the NFT has paved the way for rampant imagination and creativity. The combination of digital artwork and algorithms has produced many stunning products, the latest being Skeleton Crew SKULL.

What is Skeleton Crew SKULL collection?

SKULLS is a collection of 6666 hand-drawn and algorithmically generated NFTs based on the Solana blockchain. Each SKULL NFT is unique. Each Skeleton Crew SKULL is a collectible piece of art, but more than that. They were the skeleton key to the events that would occur throughout October. Every SKULL present in the wallet optimized the chances for the individual of winning an item.

What Would One Get with Skeleton Crew?

Collectors of SKULLS re promised the following:

  • SKULLS promises original art for each algorithm-generated NFT.
  • Each SKULL is algorithmically generated
  • 6,666 SKULLS to choose from
  • 100+ attributes are given to each SKULL based on rarity
  • NFT airdrops are promised for an entire month

What is the SOLANA blockchain?

Solana is a form of a decentralized platform that uses SOL for transactions. Solana can accelerate transactions by using a combination of proof of stake consensus and proof of history. Because of this arrangement, Solana can support almost 50000 transactions per second. One of the pertinent things to learn is the concept of proof of history. Proof of history, which is designed to keep the time between computing systems on a decentralized network without having to engage all the computers simultaneously. Quite like Ethereum, Solana can interact with smart contracts. Smart contracts are essential to power various applications, ranging from apps, NFT to DeFi and lotteries.

Reasons behind the success of Solana?

Two reasons behind the success of Solana immediately come to mind:

  • High speed
  • Low congestion
  • Highly censorship resistant

Because of the above reasons, the fees are low, and hence Solana has been able to attract a large community of users. Being resistant to censorship also means that Solana can be used across a large part of the planet. Solana was released in February 2018.

How are SKULLS generated?

Each SKULL is hand-drawn and algorithmically generated using a custom code. Across 10 categories, 100+ attributes are provided. The categories are headgear, eyes, expression, face, background, skin, brain, et al. These combinations result in millions of unique SKULLS though only 6,666 have been minted. Each SKULL is rarer.

Is there a Mint Limit on Skeleton Crew Skull?

Currently, there is a limit of 1 mint per transaction. This cycle can be repeated many times over, though.

How can one buy a SKULL?

All one needs is to connect to the SOLANA wallet and follow the prompts.

Who runs Skeleton Crews?

It is run by a team of friends who believe in delivering high-quality NFTs through responsive customer experience.

Final Words

Skeleton Crew SKULL has been able to garner much attraction amongst NFT collectors. With its unique range of digital art and attractive schemes, this NFT is bound to go a long way.

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