Stylish Studs

Learn more about the workings of Stylish Studs, the new age NFT game, and its features.

What Are Stylish Studs?

Stylish Studs are a collection of ten thousand unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) based on the blockchain. They are collectibles of animated and dolled-up horses and are based on the model of a race track. The art pieces of the studs are based on over 150 characteristics, and owning a Stylish Stud gives you creative rights to it along with a few perks that are listed further down.

What is the price and statistics of Stylish Stud?

A character on Stylish Stud is sold for an average price of 3.32 SOL which is approximately $615.5. The highest Stud to be sold is around 100,000 SOL (Stylish Stud #8762), and the lowest priced one is around 1.75 SOL (Stylish Stud #2995). The total volume is around 31622.46 SOL and the total listed count is 1073.

What are the uses of Stylish Studs?

Stylish Studs are a part of the blockchain, and hence can be traded for other currencies like United States dollars or the cryptocurrency Solana (SOL). Purchasing each Stylish Stud non-fungible token not only gives you the creative rights to the respective token, but it also hands you the additional benefit of doubling as a VIP/Early Access to their to-be-released NFT-based Horse Racing game Sequel.

How does Stylish Studs Work?

  • Users get to choose among 10,000 different Stylish Studs by purchasing the respective non-fungible token.
  • A new addition called Fine Fillies was added which can also be purchased from Q4 of 2021.
  • Users who own both these varieties of tokens can breed their horses for a finer steed.
  • Owning these tokens also gives the users early access with double the value to their horse racing game called Photo Finish. Photo Finish contains real money racing in different formats every day, genetic-based breeding of studs and fillies, verifiable NFT ownership, prizes for winning races that can be withdrawn, a marketplace for enthusiasts, and also a spectator mode where you can wager to win money.

Is Stylish Studs a Worthy Investment?

Stylish Stud is a unique idea that incorporates the concept of horse racing and stud farming while including nuances such as betting and breeding. Being new, the game is still growing and has the scope to make money. However, just like actual betting that takes place, this has the risk of evaporating all your money or crypto if not invested properly. Careful assessment of the breeds and the potential to win is a must, for which sometimes the spectator mode could help.

Final Words

Stylish Studs is a fresh concept in the world of NFT-based collectibles, gaming, and trading. The suited steeds have been charging through the field of blockchain games and even made it on to the New York Times. With the risk kept in mind (common to almost all the crypto games), Stylish Studs. Has the potential to be a blockchain blockbuster.

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