Hashmasks is a digital asset collectible comprising 16,384 digital artworks created by around 70 artists worldwide. Learn more about Hashmasks NFT collection, how to collect one etc.

Hashmasks is a digital asset collectible comprising 16,384 digital artworks created by around 70 artists worldwide. As a Hashmasks artwork holder, you stand to gain an NCT token every day. NCT (Name Change Token) is the native token of Hashmasks NFT collection.

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Using the NCTs, users are permitted to choose a unique name for their portrait in the Ethereum blockchain network. Unlike other NFT collectibles, the rarity and price of each artwork in the collection are not fixed initially and can change over the years.

Why Hashmasks NFT Are Unique?

One of the main reasons that Hashmasks NFT collection is different from other collectibles is that the collection comprises entirely unique and individual components. The unique features of Hashmasks NFT collection are:

  • Implicit Rarity: Implicit rarity indicates various attributes like color, background, hairstyle, etc. Overall, 12.5 of the collection sports animal masks and pixel masks contribute to 5.95. Compared to all 14 types of masks, the unicorn masks are the rarest of all.
  • Explicit Rarity: The explicit rarity indicates characteristics set by the NFT holders like a puppet, robot or male, female, etc.

How Do Hashmasks Work?      

The Hashmasks NFT collection comprises 16.384 unique digital artworks created by various artists. Each Haskmask is unique as it varies based on various attributes like skin color, eye color, mask color, etc. Moreover, some of the masks are highly rare, making them unique. Since the rarity and the value of a Hashmasks NFT are not predetermined, it can change its value and rarity over time until the last NCT is burnt.

NCT (Name Change Tokens)

NCT is said to be the native token of the Hashmasks NFT. An NCT token holder can accumulate 10 NCT tokens for each NCT token he holds every day. When your NCT collection reaches 1830 NCTs, the holders are allowed to burn these tokens and choose the name of their Haskmask on-chain. Starting in 2021, the last NCT will be burnt on January 2031.

Are Hashmasks NFT Collectibles a good investment?

Hashmasks NFT has a huge following, and on Twitter itself, they have more than 30K followers 29K members in discord. Due to its artistic portrait and vibrant appeal, the collection has caught the attention of many. Moreover, NFT holders also have the opportunity to change the name of their NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain network. Hashmasks NFTs have been selling like hotcakes in the past couple of months because of the lucrative trading potential.

Final Words

The best part about the Hashmasks NFT collection is that it gives the NFT holder unlimited control and worldwide license to use their digital artwork for commercial displays. Since the value and rarity will automatically increase over time, more NFT collectors have taken a keen interest in this NFT collection.

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