DigitallyCool is here with this week’s DC exclusive covering the top crypto news and the top investment opportunities via crypto holding and NFT lands.

Digitally Cool Exclusive: Top Crypto News and Investment Opportunities

Top Crypto News: 35% of the Nigerian Populace uses Cryptocurrency

Nigerians have been one of the top cryptocurrency users in the past six months. Nigeria’s youth is leading the charge, with nearly 52% of Nigerian investors under 30.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency have transformed various parts of the world, giving rise to a new era of technology via Decentralized Applications, Decentralized Finance, P2E (Play-To-Earn)Games, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), and more. The news from KuCoin’s “Into The Cryptoverse” report revealing over 33 million Nigerians that have purchased, sold, or owned bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is a surprise due to the fact that a recent study revealed that only 51% of the Nigerian population had access to the internet at 2022’s beginning.

Peer-to-peer (P2P) trading has been growing in the country as the primary medium replacing fiat currencies for crypto ever since February last year when the Central Bank of Nigeria barred financial institutions in the country from enabling cryptocurrency. The citizens have shown the advantages of decentralization and the need for change by taking matters into their own hands with the cryptocurrency monetary system.

NFT Lands: Top NFT virtual lands you need to know

Metaverse started as an idea that is quickly transforming into a reality. The virtual world is beginning to form. And NFT virtual lands present one of the best investment opportunities for the Metaverse. NFTs facilitate the ownership of digitized land in virtual platforms. You can own the land and participate in the Metaverse or P2E gaming project. You can also rent it out and earn steady crypto earnings.

Here are the top 3 DC recommendations if you wish to buy an NFT land piece:


Silks is a P2E gaming project enabled by the Ethereum blockchain that centers around horse racing. The platform provides ownership opportunities for both thoroughbred horses and virtual land. With over 202,500 acres of NFT land up for grabs, you can acquire it to create a horse farm and stake your Silks horses. You can also sell it in the long term. Each land NFT will represent 1 acre of land on Silks.

Rebel Bots

Rebel Bots is an upcoming P2E game with single and multiplayer modes for fighting bots that compete on the planet Xoilium. The game is the first in a series of future P2E gaming projects and provides in-game NFT land ownership. You can set up a factory to mint NFT fighting bots to be sold on the in-game marketplace. You can also rent out your land or sell it to earn crypto profits.


Decentraland has been one of the top metaverse projects providing a virtual social network. To become a part of Decentraland, you need to purchase a land NFT, a 16X16 piece of land in its metaverse. Decentraland has a total of 90,601 land NFTs available, which present an excellent opportunity to become a part of a metaverse project or for investments. Decentraland’s land NFTs are available starting from $5000 and reaching upwards of $100,000.

Holder Opportunities: The top 3 cryptocurrencies to Hold

Beginner and Expert investors love to hodl cryptocurrency as it requires no interaction and guarantees long-term crypto profits. Hodling refers to purchasing cryptocurrency assets and them for a long time to sell them at a greater value.

Here are DC’s top 3 cryptocurrencies that you need to hodl:

  1. Ethereum: Ethereum is one of the most popular cryptos. With the blockchain recently burning over 2 million ETH tokens and being on the path to Ethereum 2.0, the cryptocurrency is guaranteed to increase in value in both short and long terms, making it excellent crypto for hodling.
  2. Cardano: Cardano follows a stable growth, gradually employing its multi-stage roadmap. With Cardano’s ADA token just under 1$ and a $32 million market cap, Cardano is one of the best cryptocurrencies for holding. Moreover, it is best for individuals who do not have significant investment capital.
  3. Solana: Solana’s SOL is also one to watch out for. Solana is a powerful blockchain that empowers DeFi and dApps with its quick and secure platform capable of processing over 50,000 transactions per second. SOL also charges one of the lowest transaction fees at $0.00025. Individuals looking for great crypto for hodling with a future potential need to look no further than SOL.

You have reached the end of the DC’s weekly cryptocurrency exclusive. Keep checking Digitally Cool for the latest information, the top crypto news, and the metaverse. Happy Investments!

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