The dire need to have a secure and reliable crypto exchange platform has led to the rise of Bitrue. Launched in 2018, Bitrue is a highly popular crypto asset exchange platform.

Bitrue Overview

Did you know that Bitcoin is currently just $3800 away from an all-time high? The recent developments in the banking systems where more and more authorized banks allow their customers to buy, sell and hold crypto assets led to a cryptocurrency marketplace revolution. Bitrue gained its initial boost by introducing the XRP base market, which was very popular among XRP enthusiasts. This introduction helped Bitrue in gaining volumes and liquidity. For investors who prefer trading against XRP as a base, Bitrue offers supreme value and is probably the number one platform in terms of liquidity. 

Noteworthy Features of Bitrue

In the present-day global financial market, every platform is competing to become a market leader in Cryptocurrency management and capitalizing on the surging investments by offering unique features.

  1. Listed cryptocurrencies: Bitrue offers many crypto assets available for trading and exchange on its portal. Currently, it has 114 cryptocurrencies listed for trading and exchange for its users.
  2. Fiat currencies: Bitrue allows users to choose from a good number of fiat currencies on the platform. USD, EUR, GBP, HKD, SGD, AUD, CHF, MXN are currently available on Bitrue.
  3. High withdrawal limit: Bitrue has one of the highest withdrawal limits available in the market. Withdrawals up to 100 BTC per day make the platform stand out from the rest of its competitors.

Why Bitrue?

Recommended by ripple as a trusted cryptocurrency exchange, Bitrue is one of the first platforms offering loans against cryptocurrency assets. Along with XRP trades and crypto asset management, features like leveraged EFTs, BTR lock-ups, and Power Piggy make Bitrue a highly used platform. The users are allowed to vote for their favourite coins to be added to the platform. The feature of earning interest on stored assets with some of the highest interest rates in the industry has been attracting new users across five continents to use Bitrue as their primary crypto asset management platform.

Bitrue’s Unique BTR Token

Bitrue Coin BTR is the native platform token of Bitrue. BTR is an ERC-20 token, which means it is built on Ethereum (ETH) network. The BTR token is tightly integrated into the services that Bitrue offers, from improving interest rates to deciding the company’s future course. An investor can purchase BTR at the Bitrue exchange using any base pairs offered at the platform: BTC, USDT, XRP, and ETH.

The advantages of being a BTR holder at Bitrue are as follows:

  • BTR holders pay lesser trading fees as compared to non-BTR holding investors. The trading fees for the regular trader get reduced by a considerable margin of 30% if the trader chooses to pay the fees via BTR.
  • Bitrue allows BTR holders to stake their BTR to participate in mining and receive significant APY’s.
  • Crypto asset holders can stake their BTR to vote on coins they want to see tradeable on the exchange.

Fund And Asset Safety At Bitrue

Dedicated to providing a secure trading experience, Bitrue has market-leading technology for secured fund management. The option of storing crypto assets and funds in their wallet and allowing users to transfer their assets easily makes the platform super useful for novice and intermediate investors. Bitrue has recently established its new wallets with insurance funds. These new wallets contain several assets that exceed the value of the coins that remain within Bitrue’s hot wallets at a time. In case of unforeseen circumstances involving security or data breach, which resulted in users losing funds from hot wallets, Bitrue reimburses the funds lost using the insured funds.

Bitrue Trading Fees

Bitrue offers one of the market’s best prices when it comes to cryptocurrency trading. Even though the withdrawal fees are adjusted dynamically according to blockchain network conditions outside of Bitrue’s control, the platform still manages to offer trading fees as low as 0.2%. There are also certain coins supported on Bitrue, which come with an inbuilt tax function, whereby any time the currencies are transacted on the blockchain, a fraction of the coins in that transaction is taxed. 

The following is the general trading fees offered by Bitrue: 

  • Other BTC, ETH & USDT trading pairs: 0.098%
  • XRP trading pairs: 0.280%

Advantages of Using Bitrue:

The following are the pros of using Bitrue over other cryptocurrency management platforms:

  • Bitrue offers higher interest rates for investors as compared to the rest of its competitors
  • The platform has a flat fee model with an aggressive trading fee structure
  • The two-step authentication process for better security and lowered risk
  • Availability of trust tokens on more than 160 markets

Disadvantages of Using Bitrue:

Being one of the best crypto exchange platforms for crypto asset management, Bitrue still has a long way to go in having a robust breach-proof platform. Some notable disadvantages are as follows:

  • The Bitrue website has certain vulnerabilities, unlike other reputed exchanges
  • The platform lacks certain coins which are available on other platforms
  • Trading fees could be higher for some specific transactions as compared to the same on other platforms

Final Words

Bitrue has proven its utility by offering great value to its users since its inception. A simplified and clutter-free user interface with almost all essential features needed to start the investment journey makes it a one-stop solution for beginners. In June 2019, the exchange suffered a massive breach due to which $4.2 million in user assets were hacked. However, it is credible to note that the platform assured every user by taking full accountability of the incident and gaining the trust back by handling the situation with utmost priority. A momentary downfall in popularity could not affect the great work Bitrue exchange has been doing for years. And all these facilities make it one of the best crypto exchanges available in the market.

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