As the cryptocurrency market sees a boom, traders look for a safe, well-regulated, advanced exchange. BTSE promises to be that exchange. Find out if it lives up or falls!

BTSE Overview 

BTSE, launched in 2018, has its headquarters in the British Virgin Islands. BTSE stands for Bitcoin Trading and Securities Exchange. It is known for its high liquidity, security systems, and a wide range of crypto assets for traders. The exchange handles more than a million order requests per second. One of the most spectacular things about this exchange is that it stores 99.9% of funds in cold storage. It recently raised $22 million at a valuation of $400 million.

How Many Cryptocurrencies Are Available To Trade?

BTSE offers 49 cryptocurrencies for traders. Users can trade, buy cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether USD, BTSE, Aave, Cardano, Binance Coin, Compound, Dai, Dogecoin, Chainlink, Solana, Monero, Ripple, etc. These cryptocurrencies are available for trade after users register and complete email verification and identity verification requests. They can start trading as soon as the identity verification is complete. 

Payment Methods Supported 

Users can deposit cryptocurrency to the platform, as is the norm among all exchanges. Users can also deposit fiat currency through cards (Credit card or Debit card), SWIFT transfers, and SEPA transfers. Crypto deposits take a little under 30 minutes on the exchange, while bank transfer is completed within a day if no additional verification is required from the bank. These payment methods and turnaround times allow many users of various ages and incomes to start their cryptocurrency journey. 

Fees Charged By The Exchange

The user’s bank charges the deposit fees for SWIFT payments, and the fee may be between $10 to $25. BTSE’s bank charges the withdrawal fees for the same, and the fee is between $25 to 0.15% of the amount. The minimum deposit and withdrawal fees are for SEPA transfers. 

  • For spot trading, the fees are structured according to a 30-day rolling window of the trading volume. The maximum maker and taker fees is 0.10% and 0.12%, respectively. The minimum fees are 0.02% and 0.04%, respectively. 
  • For futures trading, the fees are structured according to a 30-day rolling window of the trading volume. The maximum maker and taker fees are – 0.0100% and 0.0400%, respectively. The minimum fees are – 0.0200% and 0.0260%, respectively. For Market Makers, the standard fees are – 0.0100% and 0.0400% for makers and takers, respectively.

Are My Funds Safe – What If The Exchange Gets Hacked? 

BTSE offers one of the best security practices in the crypto industry. The platform provides top-notch security to crypto traders even though it was launched as recently as 2018. BTSE is licensed and thoroughly regulated across countries. It shifted to the British Virgin Islands the moment it started facing regulatory hurdles in the UAE. 

  • It regularly monitors user activities to ensure they are on the right side of AML Laws, CTF Laws, Sanctions Laws, and Anti-Bribery Laws. As this exchange is regulated, it can be held responsible for any mishaps. The responsibility factor is what develops the trust factor, and investors find it to be highly reliable. 
  • For the safety of traders, it stores 99.9% of its funds in cold storage wallets. These wallets are offline and need multiple keys for more robust security. 
  • BTSE further uses 2FA, SSL encryption protocols, and safelisted IP addresses to ensure that unauthorized users do not gain access to their systems. 
  • Their strict compliance with regulations and excellent security features strongly reason users find it a safe and secure platform to trade with. 

User Interface

Even though BTSE can be used on desktop browsers and apps, it is desirable to use it on desktops as users can access way more charts on bigger screens for ease of use. BTSE offers a seamless browser experience for users. However, other traders do not require a desktop browser for their trading purposes. Such users have mobile apps for iOS and Android that promise to give them a great trading experience with their intuitive interface. Traders can even customize the Tradingview charts and change the views on their desktop for a personalized trading experience. With minimal downtime, high transaction speeds, and innovative characters, it is safe to say that BTSE offers a smooth and intuitive user interface. 

Is The Exchange Available In My Country?

BTSE is available in several countries, and users do not have to worry unless the EU sanctions their country. BTSE has compiled a list of countries where they are not intended for use for users’ knowledge. The list suggests that these countries are either sanctioned or have terrorist affiliations. It includes countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, and Yemen. Surprisingly, another list of prohibited countries includes the United States of America, like China (ROC – Taiwan) and Singapore. 

Liquidity Aspect

Liquidity is when the exchange allows swift transactions of cryptos. Liquidity is related to the users using the exchange. With more than 1 million order requests per second and near-zero downtime, users can expect high transaction speeds. The liquidity is high as the number of users is high, and BTSE offers impressive features for swift crypto transactions. 

Final Words 

BTSE is an impressive crypto exchange that offers excellent features for beginners. It has educational blogs and offers a simple interface with technical analysis. Users can also benefit from its deposit bonuses and referral programs. The BTSE Earn feature allows users to earn good returns on their deposited assets without exposing them to any volatility. With impressive payment methods and fiat currency support, BTSE makes crypto trading easy for everyone. The exchange also has a mobile platform and offers a seamless browsing experience. It is one of the best exchanges for beginners to start trading cryptocurrencies!

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