CoinTiger is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange platforms having customers all over the globe. Continue reading this review to know more about this CoinTiger in detail.

CoinTiger Overview

CoinTiger is a Centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform which is based in Singapore. It was launched in 2017 and is well-known as an entry-level exchange, as it allows investors to purchase cryptocurrencies using fiat currencies even though they are minimal. To buy any crypto coins available on CoinTiger, the investors must first purchase USDT or BitCNY coins. This exchange platform also has its native coin, known as TigerCash (TCH). It is a decentralized finance asset operating on the Ethereum platform. Let’s learn more about this exchange platform in detail.

How Many Cryptocurrencies Are Available To Trade?

This crypto exchange platform allows trading of 80+ cryptocurrencies and 150+ trading pairs. Following are some of the major currencies that CoinTiger supports:

Payment Methods Supported By The Exchange

CoinTiger exchange login allows you to trade cryptocurrencies using various payment methods like Alipay, Credit Card, Mastercard, Visa, WeChat Pay, Wire Transfer. To buy crypto coins with CNY, the investor can use WeChat Pay, Bank Transfer, or AliPay. And if the investor wants to use any other fiat currencies, then bank transfer is the only option. For buying using Visa/Mastercard, there is no such deposit or withdrawal limit, but the maximum for both is $20. If the investor wants to buy using a credit card, there is no withdrawal option, but the deposits can be made up to $20. Also, the deposit time taken for each payment method varies.

Fees Charges By CoinTiger

CoinTiger charges a certain amount of fee from the investors. However, the CoinTiger futures fees may differ sometimes. The different fees charged by the platform are:

  • Deposit Fees: CoinTiger doesn’t charge the investors for depositing funds while trading on the platform.
  • Trading Fees: CoinTiger charges 0.15% taker and 0.08% maker fees.
  1. Taker: When a person places an order filled immediately, that person is a taker who pays a taker fee. In this, the coins are purchased or sold by the taker at the current market price.
  2. Maker: When a person places an order that doesn’t have to be filled immediately from the market price, then that person is a maker who can expect to pay a reduced maker fee for this.
  • Withdrawal Fees: The withdrawal fees for each coin or token vary as per the number of orders. Each coin has a minimum withdrawal limit for each order and based on it, the withdrawal fee is charged.

Are My Funds Safe?

CoinTiger crypto exchange ensures that the investor’s funds are secured on the platform by making the CoinTiger login easy. There is no data breach during the trading. The security features offered by CoinTiger are:

  • Two Factor Authentication: This 2FA security feature is essential for any trading platform. It ensures that the authorized user uses the account by sending a verification code to the investor’s mobile phone. It is one of the effective methods for preventing hackers from accessing the account.
  • Fund Password: When enabled, this security feature allows the investors to protect their funds even if the account password is compromised. The fund password is required when the user wants to withdraw the amount from the wallet.
  • Partnership with Labs: CoinTiger partners with various security labs like the Chaitin Tech,, and John Wick Security Lab to enhance the security of the trading platform.

Does It Provide A Smooth User Interface?

CoinTiger exchange has a simple and intuitive trading platform that helps investors or traders to have a user-friendly experience. It has both desktop and mobile apps that allow users to choose the one that suits their current preference.

  • Web-based application: The user interface of the desktop application is very straightforward and has easy and smooth navigation across all the components of the platform. The platform is suitable for new traders as they can quickly go through all the sections and easily understand the platform navigation.
  • Mobile application: It offers similar trading features as the web-based platform. Apart from those features, there is an additional advantage that the mobile app offers, and that is, it allows the investors to do on-the-go trading. This means that the investors can monitor their activities anywhere and at any time. This trading application is supported on both Android and iOS devices.

The platform has a trading view consisting of buy and sells boxes, trading charts, order history, and order book. With this, the CoinTiger users may find this platform suitable to start their crypto journey. It also has the latest trading tools integrated on the platform that helps the investors to perform various market analysis.

Is The Exchange Available In My Country?

As Coin Tiger exchange is a global crypto exchange platform, it accepts clients from all parts of the world along with the CoinTiger app with many features. Some of the countries that are supported by this trading platform are:

Does The Exchange Provide Enough Liquidity?

Liquidity refers to the trading of cryptocurrencies in a quick time. It is related to the number of users of the platform, which means if the users are less, then there is less liquidity, and if the users are more, then there is enough liquidity. Currently, while writing this review (3rd Nov 2021), the trading volume of 24-hour was $6,143,241, according to CoinTiger, CoinMarketCap.

Final Words

CoinTiger is the fastest-growing crypto trading platform that has millions of users. It has a user-friendly smooth interface that allows the users to understand the functions and enjoy the trading experience quickly. CoinTiger crypto is suitable for beginners and also for expert traders as its advanced trading tools help analyze graphs and make decisions in today’s technology growing world like Metaverse that has many opportunities for crypto traders. Users can trade in cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Smart Contracts, etc.

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