If you are a trader, investor, just someone who wants to learn more about ZB.com, this review analyzes the crypto exchange platform and educates you on the features of this cryptocurrency exchange platform before you sign up.

ZB.com Overview

ZB.com is a crypto exchange founded in China in 2013 under CHBTC.com, but Chinese Crypto Compliance policies forced it to move its operations overseas. A strictly crypto trading platform, ZB.com allows you to make investments in both cryptos to fiat and crypto to crypto trading pairs. Along with an extensive selection of Cryptocurrencies, the platform also offers well-designed charting features, ample security, and many trading features. 

Supported Cryptocurrencies

You can trade in over 200 cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, altcoins, and 94 cryptocurrency pairs on the platform. Along with such a wide variety of digital assets, the platform also introduced its cryptocurrency, the ZB token. The exchange offers the most popular cryptocurrencies, but the bulk of coins are relatively unknown and have little liquidity. Nevertheless, ZB.com occasionally offers significantly undervalued cryptocurrencies and would be excellent investments if you are a cryptocurrency trader.

Available Payment Methods 

Apart from an interface that allows easy Wallet integration, ZB.com also accepts online payment gateways for crypto deposits. However, wire transfer remains the primary method for making payments. On the other hand, the payment method is chosen by you and the counterparty for its OTC trading feature. Some of the included options (but not limited to) are an online bank, Alipay, WeChat Pay, etc. Wire transfer is the most popular deposit option at the exchange. Also, the exchange menu allows you to select deposit and withdrawal methods. You can easily choose the least expensive withdrawal option based on the withdrawal fees.

ZB.com Fees

ZB.com’s fees are quite open, as they are fully listed on the fee section of the exchange’s website. In addition, this particular trading platform has a flat fees structure, which means they charge the same trading fees for takers and makers. Moreover, the fees are very affordable and even regarded as low in comparison to the competitors. ZB.com also charges a regular 0.2 percent fee for every trade. However, depending on whatever VIP tier you belong to, the charge can be lowered. Another option is to pay the transaction cost with a ZB token, the exchange’s cryptocurrency. This can cut the fee in half.

Security Features Offered

The exchange employs several security procedures to keep users and their assets safe. On the website, details concerning the security measures are clearly stated. In addition, for logging into accounts and making transfers and withdrawals, they also incorporated two-factor authentication. ZB.com is a secure website with It has a solid reputation as an exchange platform that has never been hacked, and it is used by a large number of dealers and exchangers around the globe. Apart from features such as Google Two-Factor-Authentication, you can also activate email and SMS authentication and protect yourself from unauthorized access and hacking attempts.

User Interface on ZB.com

Zb.com provides a straightforward user interface with two interfaces: basic and advanced. You can trade on margin in five key markets: the QC market, the USDT market, the ZB market, the BTC market, and the PAX market. You can also query market data and trade as needed with the support of its Rest API and a WebSocket API. Listed below are the features available in the API:

  • Market data 
  • Order book
  • Depths of bids and asks
  • Trade history
  • Trade execution
  • Order information
  • Order history
  • Account information

The trading platform of this exchange does not require the use of a web browser. Also, the application is available for many versions of Windows and Mac systems. Furthermore, you can download the application Google Play and the iStore for free. Apart from 24×7 online chat assistance, you may get help via the website’s help section, which contains a wealth of information on various issues. You can also reach them through email addresses on their website or get regular updates on their Twitter page.

Accepted Countries

Since 2017, ZB has been dedicated to expanding the foreign market and providing convenient recharge channels to several countries, including the United States, India, and Russia. In 2021, ZB concentrated on establishing several high-quality projects in other countries, drawing investors from all over the world and extending ZB’s global reach. ZB has established offices in South Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Australia, Russia, Switzerland, and the United States.

ZB.com’s Liquidity

In terms of liquidity, the exchange offers easy withdrawals and allows you to directly exchange your assets to your local currency or either Bitcoin or Ethereum. Also, with the platforms, OTC features, you can do customer-to-customer (C2C) crypto-to-fiat exchanges. Another benefit for crypto trades is that ZB.com sometimes offers significantly undervalued cryptocurrencies. However, the platform does not support fiat currencies which can be an issue for some traders.

Final Words 

ZB.com is an advanced and user-friendly platform that offers you a wide variety of digital assets to trade with. Since its inception, the exchange has been more international and is developing into one of the world’s largest platforms. Apart from being the first platform to facilitate social network service integration, the platform has also added many new features such as crypto red envelopes and social chat. Hopefully, the performance and reliability of the exchange will help you understand its value as a cryptocurrency exchange.

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