Top NFT Collections - Part 2

Many individuals want to get into the realm of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), but picking the best NFT collections might be difficult. The top NFT Collections guide below will assist you in choosing the most significant NFT collections that will enhance your income while also appealing to your preferences.

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are collectible digital assets that store value in cryptocurrencies. NFTs have recently impacted the cryptocurrency realm, most notably by popularising the phrase “digital collectibles.” On the internet, there are several finest NFT collections to choose from. Let’s look at some of more top NFT collections on the market.


Another top NFT collection with a lot of hype is CyberKongz. CyberKongz is a collection of 1000 unique pixelated 2D/3D Kong photos. The 34X34 pixel CyberKongz is paired with the $BANANA token. You can use the $BANANA token to provide a biography to your CyberKongz NFT along with a unique name. Other NFT pieces available under CyberKongz include Baby CyberKongz and CyberKongz VX, a collection of 15,000 3D models that can be used to socialize or interact in upcoming community projects.


DeadFellaz is a top NFT collection available to buy on OpenSea. The collection features 10,000 undead NFTs that include green zombified characters with various hairstyles, outfits, tattoos, expressions, and more. DeadFellaz NFTs are tokenized and are a part of a community. The platform has a plan and is also working for the gamification of DeadFellaz NFTs. Each DeadFellaz is unique and is created from over 300 available traits. The DeadFellaz community is interactive on Twitter and Discord and is one of the top NFT collection communities you can be a part of.

Skeleton Crew Skulls

The Skeleton Crew, introduced on October 1 as “the bone of choice with Solana.” Skeleton Crew Skulls is another Top NFT collection that people love. Skeleton Crew SKULLS features 6,666 NFT skulls on the Solana Blockchain. Each skull is unique and generated from a database of 400,000 traits. The skulls form excellent art pieces and act as an entrance key to Skeleton Crew’s Halloween event, where SKULL holders receive exclusive NFT airdrops every month. The airdrop includes rare SKULLs and other scary goodies. You can view some of the SKULLS here.


With the craze of unique NFTs growing, Flippies is one of the top NFT collections you can buy. Flippies NFTs are 10,000 unique penguin characters that have a specific id. All Flippies are unique and generated based on various attributes of rarity, hats, glasses, outfits, and more. Some Flippies are also morphed with aliens and zombies. The Flippies are a part of a community, and the creators will donate the number of Flippy transactions raised in December 2021 to penguin charities. Solana also plans to release Flippies merchandise, a marketplace, a shop, and a game moving into the future. You can look at Flippies NFTs collection here.

Meerkat Millionaires Country Club

MMCC’s top NFT collection is also based on the Solana Blockchain. Meerkat Millionaires country club has one-of-a-kind meerkat NFTs created with over 175 attributes. MMCC also rewards its members. All minters receive 15% of the royalties collected from the MMCC project irrespective of whether they hold NFTs or not. The rest of the royalties, i.e., 85%, go to the holders. MMCC was created by VenusLabs and continually generates passive income by owning a Meerkat NFT and gathering its rewards. You can see the various Meerkat Millionaires Country Club NFTs here.

Doge Capital

Doge-related cryptocurrencies and NFTs have been widespread, and Doge Capital is no exception. Doge Capital features 5000 NFTs of 24X24 pixel art dogs. The owners of the NFTs are granted access to the Woof Club, where they can use WoofBank to securely sell and store NFTs, WoofDAO, where you can cast community votes. The future of Doge Capital includes a platform for breeding Doge Capital NFTs and gamification of the NFTs. It would also involve staking options to stake Doge Capital to earn rewards such as $DOGFOOD provided by random airdrops and treasure hunt wins. With so much to offer, Doge Capital indeed makes the cut of the top NFT collections. You can look at some cute Doge Capital NFTs here.


CorruptCatz NFT collection has 5684 CorruptCatz created uniquely with particular traits and resemble famous characters such as Harry Potter, Rick & Morty, Garfield, Homer Simpson, Mario, and more. CorruptCatz is a top NFT collection that gives 20% of its royalties to charities you choose and allows you to earn 40% trading fee royalties by holding CorruptCatz NFTs. The platform plans to launch a breeding feature in the first quarter of 2022, where users with two CorruptCatz will be able to create CorruptKittenz. You can buy CorruptCatz on Magic Eden, Digital Eyes, and Solsea.

Stylish Studs

After dogs, cats, penguins, and meerkats, horses have also joined NFT collections. Stylish Studs is a top NFT collection that is among the top 5 highest traded NFTs by volume. Stylish Studs features 10,000 unique horse NFTs that serve as VIP access to Photo Finish’s horse racing. Stylish Studs are generated by over 150 custom traits, including outfits, eyewear, facial here, fur color, and hats. Stylish Studs also has a community on Discord where you can interact with the team and community. You can look at some Stylish Stud NFTs pieces here.

Final Words

These top NFT collections are the entryway to purchasing and selling digital NFT assets, ranging from art to music to entire virtual worlds if you want to get in on the NFT frenzy. Today is the time to begin investing in Top NFT collections.

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