BC Vault

The BC Vault is one of the secure hardware crypto wallets out there for storing different cryptocurrencies. It offers users great security features and multiple digital coins to take their crypto trade to another level.

What Is BC Vault

BC Vault (Blockchain Vault) is a hardware wallet created by Real Security to store different cryptocurrencies. Blockchain Vault is designed to disrupt the cryptocurrency market with great backup options using encrypted SD card exports, a better user experience when using the application, and top-notch security. It supports more than 2000 simultaneous wallets. 

Why Do You Need To Buy BC Vault

Some of the reasons why you should buy Blockchain Vault crypto wallet includes:

  • BC Vault is immune to hackers and computer viruses that often destroy and steal users’ information from software wallets. 
  • Private keys are not only stored in a state-of-the-art RAM (Storage Medium) but are also encrypted. 
  • It can be used as a U2F authentication token for Facebook and other web services. 
  • RoHS and CE certification. 
  • It can be used quickly and securely, unlike a paper wallet imported to unreliable hardware at different times. 
  • The Micro SD backup is encrypted.

How Many Cryptocurrencies Does It Support?

The Blockchain Vault (BC Vault) supports many digital coins. Some of the cryptocurrencies BC Vault supports Bitcoin (BTC), Tron (TRX), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Dogecoin (DOGE), Stellar, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Polkadot, Cardona, CargoX, Binance Coin, Polymath, and others

Key Features Of BC Vault 

Every crypto hardware wallet has its unique features. Some of the key features of BC Vault include:

  • Different wallets: Blockchain Vault allows users to store over 2000 encrypted vaults with different passcodes. 
  • Safe backup: Private keys are backed up on encrypted Micro SD cards. 
  • Multiple currency support: The BC Vault hardware crypto wallet supports almost all the major cryptocurrencies. There is a promise that more digital coins could be released for storage in the future. BC Vault supports include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, Cardona, Ripple, Stellar, Bitcoin Cash, and Tether. 
  • Multiple purposes: Blockchain Vault is the only crypto hardware wallet that supports receiving, sending, and managing funds in a single application and on a single device. 
  • Large display: For ease of use, the BC Vault hardware crypto wallet is developed with a 128×64 pixel display and a 2,42-inch OLED. Traders and investors on this crypto wallet can see their cryptocurrency transaction details. 
  • Safe transactions: Every transaction that is initiated from the desktop application must be approved on the BC Vault itself. Every transaction detail is displayed on the 2,42-inch OLED for clarity and confirmation. 
  • Supports different browsers: BC Vault supports browsers such as Safari 11+, Firefox 52+, Opera 51+, Chrome 50+, and an all-new version of IE 11+. 
  • Two-factor authentication: It supports two-factor authentication with Facebook, Google, GitHub, Dropbox for better security. This security feature makes it easy for users to know when someone is trying to log into their account or hack their account. They will get a notification of this activity via SMS or email. 

Key Security Features Of BC Vault 

No investor or trader wants to lose his money on a crypto wallet. There are many vulnerable hardware wallets, and this is why BC Vault is here to stay. BC Vault is one of the hardware crypto wallets that is highly secured. Each wallet on the BC Vault hardware crypto wallet is encrypted with a PIN that is entered via the Blockchain Vault and a password (combination of numbers, letters, and specific characters/signs) that is entered on the computer. Many features contribute to its top-notch security. Some of them are:

Multiple passwords – They are:

  • Global Pin – This is used for unlocking access to Blockchain Vault (BC Vault) alongside the BC Vault’s global password. It is entered into the crypto wallet. 
  • Wallet PIN – This is used for sending different currencies from a person’s crypto wallet alongside the wallet password. It is entered in the BC Vault. 
  • Wallet Password – This is used for shipping currencies from a person’s wallet alongside the Wallet PIN. It is entered in the application. 
  • Global Password – It is used for unlocking access to the Blockchain Vault alongside the BC Vault’s global PIN. It is entered in the application. 

Two-factor authentication: Users of the BC Vault can activate two-factor authentication, which can be done using Google Authenticator to access the content of the wallet and open the wallet. 

Independently generated keys: BC Vault creates over 2000 independent crypto wallets using a Random Number Generator.

Secure storage: BC Vault is developed with a security chip for preventing users’ crypto wallets from getting exposed to malicious malware and hackers. 

Secure encryption: BC Vault has strong encryption for its private keys. This makes it tough for hackers to have access to. 

What’s In The Box? 

The BC Vault crypto wallet comes in a box. The box consists of the following parts: 

  • The BC Vault hardware crypto wallet 
  • A 1GB Micro SD card 
  • A USB C cable 
  • Four stickers 
  • A short manual guide 

These parts mentioned above are protected with seals. Before you purchase any, check if the box is well sealed. If the box is not sealed, do not buy it as one of the parts might be missing. 

BC Vault Pros And Cons 

Following are the pros and cons of the BC Vault Hardware wallet –


  • Private keys are not only stored in a state-of-the-art storage medium (RAM) but are encrypted. 
  • It is insensitive to hackers and computer viruses. This makes it a good wallet for storing your cryptocurrencies. 
  • BC Vault can be used quickly and safely 
  • It can be used again as U2F authentication tokens 
  • The Micro SD card for backup is  encrypted


Some of the cons of BC Vault include:

  • It does not support mobile devices 
  • There is no Bluetooth connectivity 

Final Words 

BC Vault hardware wallet is one of the most secure crypto-wallets. It is an excellent alternative to popular hardware wallets such as Ledger Nano X, Ledger Nano S, and Trezor Model T. With its state-of-the-art storage medium and technology, BC Vault is a hardware crypto wallet to consider. It will help you to store your cryptocurrencies without hacks and risks worries.

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