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With cryptocurrency gradually becoming popular globally, users are relying on hardware wallets to store and access cryptos. D’Cent offers a safe and easy option, including a D’Cent Wallet App that provides the highest levels of convenience to manage card, software, and biometric wallets from a single mobile app.

What is D’Cent Wallet?

D’Cent Wallet is the first biometric wallet in the market. This mobile and Bluetooth-connected wireless hardware wallet are one of the most convenient to use. The biometric security feature makes it easy to sign and authenticate crypto transactions on the move. In addition, features like QR codes facilitate easy transactions as the D’Cent wallet supports various services. These include P2P transactions, financial services, insurance, and government transactions. The D’Cent Wallet Mobile app enables controlling of three wallets, software, hardware, and card wallet through a single app.

Key Features of D’Cent Hardware Wallet

Let us look at the key features of the D’Cent hardware wallet.

  • Inbuilt biometric security – The fingerprint scanner makes it convenient and safe to transact easier and faster.
  • OLED Display – The D’Cent wallet features a 128x128p display screen to provide a comfortable view of transactions.
  • Easy Scrolling – The device has four scroll buttons to allow for easy navigation.
  • PIN and Biometric – Users can access the wallet either through a PIN code or biometric authentication.
  • Bank-grade security – D’Cent comes equipped with EAL5 bank-grade security to protect your data.
  • Security Chips – The secure wallet chips prevent exposure of private keys to external applications.
  • Bluetooth – It is easy to connect the D’Cent wallet to other devices using Bluetooth.
  • Ideal Gifting – The crypto gift card is perfect for gifting to friends and family.

Key Security Features of D’Cent Crypto Wallet

D’Cent Wallet is one of the safest and most trustworthy crypto wallets to use because of its high-quality security features.

  • The multi-IC architecture offers the most robust protection for your private keys and ensures your data privacy.
  • Unlike other similar products, it supports private key generation without connecting to any external software program.
  • The inbuilt fingerprint scanner prevents unauthorized access. Besides, it enables fast transaction signing.
  • This wallet has an optimized recovery process to restore lost, stolen, or wiped data.
  • D’Cent wallet offers bank-grade EAL5 security, one of the best in the industry.
  • D’Cent Card Wallet works with NFC-enabled mobile devices as it comes with a built-in RF antenna for NFC.

An Additional Tool In Your Kitty

Users are better off using the D’Cent Wallet mobile app because of the following reasons.

  • Manage cryptocurrency portfolio easily – Users can check the amount and price at a glance to help them manage their crypto portfolio.
  • Optimized User Interface – Its optimized UI makes it convenient to receive and send cryptos.
  • Easy transfer history management – The wallet makes it easy to check the history of all transactions.
  • Use ENS Domain name for money transfer – Transferring funds using simple ENS domain names is easy than long and complex addresses.
  • QR Code features – Send or receive cryptos easily sing the QR code feature.

Other facilities include the Dapp browser functions and convenient NFT management.

What’s In The Box?

As you purchase the D’Cent wallet, you get the following items in the box.

  • D’Cent hardware wallet device
  • A short micro-USB cable
  • A Getting Started Card
  • The Recovery Card to store your 24-word recovery seed phrase
  • A Recovery Metal Plate
  • A User Guide

How To Use D’Cent Wallet: Step-by-Step Instructions

Setting up the D’Cent hardware wallet is easy. 

  • Press and hold the right-side button to start
  • Choose your preferred language.
  • Confirm and enter the settings by pressing OK.
  • Choose the ‘Create Wallet’ option and press OK.
  • Set the 8-digit PIN.
  • Add Fingerprint authentication by placing your thumb on the central square and moving it around until it shows 100%.
  • You will now receive the 24-word recovery seed phrase. Note it down carefully as you need it to recover data if you lose your wallet. This functionality is not available on the software wallets.

You can proceed with pairing your D’Cent hardware wallet with your smartphone using Bluetooth.

  • Go to your wallet settings and open it.
  • Enter the option Bluetooth and choose the OS (Android or iOS) depending on your device.
  • You can pair your smartphone with the wallet.
  • Select Bluetooth on your smartphone and scan for devices.
  • Click on D’Cent to pair your smartphone with the wallet.

The next step is installing the D’Cent app on your smartphone.

  • Open the app and select Biometric Wallet
  • Click on the Plus option to add your wallet.
  • Similarly, you can add your Card wallet to the app.
  • The smartphone app recognizes your wallet and syncs with it immediately.

You will get firmware updates frequently. You can update the same on the wallet and the app whenever the updates are released.

D’Cent Wallet Pros And Cons

Here are the benefits of using the D’Cent hardware wallet.

  • The D’Cent wallet is easy to use. In addition, it comes with a decent display feature.
  • It supports the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Dogecoin, Litecoin, etc.
  • It is easy to set up and generate private keys.
  • Recovering lost or stolen data is easy.
  • Bluetooth connectivity ensures that the device consumes less energy.
  • D’Cent is one of the safest wallets to use because it offers biometric authentication, PIN, and EAL5 security.
  • The wallet comes equipped with a 585 MA durable battery.
  •  You get regular firmware updates.
  • The D’Cent app and wallet support multiple wallets.

Here are some drawbacks

  • Compared to other hardware wallets, D’Cent supports fewer cryptocurrencies.

D’Cent Wallet – In a Nutshell

  • The D’Cent wallet is the only device in its niche offering biometric authentication.
  • The inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity feature adds to its portability.
  • The D’Cent Wallet app allows you to manage and control all three wallet types.

Final Words

The Hardware and software wallets are necessary for storing and trading your cryptocurrencies in the world where there is the trend of Metaverse. Decentralized Finance has come a long way and has a healthy growth lately with the ever-changing and increasing NFT collections. When choosing the ideal wallet, one should concentrate on the most security aspect. The above D’Cent hardware wallet review entails its various features and several aspects. The wallet is a perfect choice as it is the only hardware wallet that supports biometric authentication.

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