SafePal Hardware Wallet

Dealing in cryptocurrencies is only as safe as the wallet you store your private keys in. With hardware wallets like SafePal, you need not worry about malicious attacks. You can keep trading in cryptos with complete safety assurance.

Investing in crypto assets is gathering momentum. However, the safety of your cryptocurrency is critical and SafePal is one such hardware wallet that enables convenient and secure storage of your digital assets.

What is ‘SafePal’?

SafePal was launched in 2019 and is one of the latest trending hardware wallets for crypto investors. Most people like this hardware wallet because it has gained the trust of Litecoin Foundation and Binance Labs. It supports more than 10,000 tokens and 19 blockchains. This wallet comes with a portable cold storage option which makes it exceptionally affordable.

Why do you need to buy ‘SafePal’?

If you are a new crypto investor searching for a smartphone-compatible hardware wallet, choosing SafePal will be ideal. There is no need to use a cable to use a portable SafePal wallet. Moreover, when a hacker tries to access your wallet, the self-destruct and key deletion feature instantly comes into action.

How does the SafePal hardware wallet look like?

SafePal is a 304-grade stainless steel board capable of protecting the mnemonic phrases (12 or 24-word seed phrases) of your cryptocurrency hardware/software wallets from natural elements like water, fire, and corrosion. In addition, it is designed to deter hackers from breaking into the device and invading the data.

Your SafePal hardware wallet comes with a leather protective case with scratch-proof, water-proof, and anti-drop features. The soft velvet interior further protects your wallet against scratches. The protective case incorporates an invisible reinforced magnetic buckle to protect your wallets and credit cards from falling off. The SafePal hardware wallet is light and convenient to carry around.

Key Features of ‘SafePal’

  • Completely Offline: SafePal wallet doesn’t have any USB, Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, or other radio frequencies. SafePal App only gets interacted by SafePal S1 using encrypted QR code. Hence, you can use the wallet securely.
  • IPS Screen: While most hardware wallets come with a single color display, you can find a 1.3’ IPS screen in the SafePal device.
  • Leather Protective Case: You will be amazed to know that the leather protective case of SafePal won’t get any damage even if someone tries to scratch the wallet.

Key Security Features of ‘SafePal’

  • Recovery Seed: Crypto users can make 12 or 24 random phrases to ensure their currencies and tokens remain protected and recovered if the device gets damaged or lost.
  • Hack-proof Secure Element: Since SafePal includes an EAL5+ secure element that protects it against hacking. If someone tries to hack into the SafePal wallet, the EAL5+ secure element automatically triggers the key deletion tool to activate the self-destruction feature. Thus, securing your data from unauthorized hands.
  • The two-factor authentication: You have to sign in and verify the application before making any crypto transaction.
  • Key Deletion Tool: SafePal S1 hardware wallets come with a deletion tool that allows users to add and remove tokens and cryptos from their wallets easily.

What’s in the Box?

  • Cleaning cloth for the device
  • Stickers
  • SafePal S1
  • Guide to start using SafePal quickly
  • Three recovery sheets
  • USB-A to Micro-USB Cable

How to use ‘SafePal’: Step by Step Instructions

  • Go to App Store on an Android or iOS device to download SafePal Wallet Application.
  • Create a Software Wallet and set up the SafePal App.
  • Add Security to Protect the Crypto by creating a strong password and difficult pattern passwords.
  • Set the mnemonic phrase to 24 to complete the process of creating a software wallet on the app.
  • Back up Mnemonic Phrase to start using the app.
  • To add favorite coins from the S1 hardware wallet, go to the “Asset page.” Then, in the middle right corner, click on the “+” icon.
  • Add all the coins that need to be added.
  • Scan the QR code using an S1 hardware wallet to add all the coins successfully.
  • Enter the PIN code and receive the QR code. Then, use the SafePal app to scan that QR code.
  • Coins have been added. You can manage all your favorite coins using the application.

SafePal Pros and Cons

Tamper-proofSmall screen
Cost-effectiveNo Beginner Friendly
100% completely offlineDoesn’t support some trending cryptocurrencies
Supports 1000+ assetsCan’t remove Battery
Self-destruct mechanism
Can be assessed by Android and iOS users

How does SafePal match up to its competitors?

SafePal has good competition on its hands, but its excellent safety features allow SafePal to match up to its competitors comfortably. One of the stand-out features is the self-destruct mechanism that is not available with most of its rivals. Besides, SafePal is amongst the most attractively priced hardware wallet available on the market. Moreover, it is an entirely offline wallet that does not require any cable or Bluetooth to connect. Thus, it is the perfect air-gapped solution for your crypto transactions.

Final Words

The multiple benefits and features like Self destruct mechanism, hack-proof EAL5+ secure element, and two-factor authentication make it a preferred choice. Users can access and manage funds on the go using the Safepal S1 mobile app, which works on iOS and Android platforms. Hence, crypto investors who travel a lot should start using this app.

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