Secalot hardware wallet

Secalot, hardware wallet that stores a customer’s cryptocurrencies, files, and more without worries about hacks or inconsistencies. It offers key features such as recovery seed, constant updates, and secure data storage to boost users’ experience.

What Is Secalot

Secalot is an open-source crypto hardware wallet designed to boost the security of users’ sensitive information and cryptocurrency funds. This hardware wallet is available in both hardware and software form and can protect users’ web accounts, email, personal computers, files, and more. Secalot is used in storing Bitcoin, Ethereum, and every ERC20 standard token. It offers traders and investors great features to take their crypto trading to another level. 

Why Do You Need To Buy Secalot

Some of the reasons to buy a Secalot hardware wallet include:

  • Secalot hardware wallet is easily accessible and compatible with many applications such as Linux devices, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X. It is also compatible with cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and ERC20 standard token. 
  • Secalot uses a micro-controller for protecting the sensitive information of users and performing cryptographic operations. With this, the personal data of traders will not be hacked or leaked to the public. 
  • With a cryptographic co-processor, Secalot hardware wallet performance is always optimal. 
  • Regular updating of the Secalot firmware is possible, bringing new features to the hardware wallet to enhance the users’ experience. 

How Many Cryptocurrencies Does It Support?

Secalot hardware wallet supports different cryptocurrencies. The supported crypto coins include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and every token based on the ERC20 standard.

Key Features Of Secalot

Every hardware crypto wallet has features that often differentiate it from others. Secalot has many key features such as:

  • Remote screen: The Sacelot hardware device relies on a remote screen and not an on-screen device. With this feature, users can effectively manage and view their cryptocurrencies from the comfort of their homes with their electronic devices. This is done without the private keys leaving the hardware crypto wallet device. 
  • OpenPGP smart card: Users on the Secalot wallet can perform cryptographic actions such as encrypting email, file signing and encryption, hard disk encryption, and logging into computer devices under Linux operating system. This feature brings security to users’ data and digital assets. 
  • Compatible with MyEtherWallet: Secalot hardware crypto wallet has many cryptocurrency wallets that are compatible with MyEtherWallet.
  • Portfolio Tracker: Secalot hardware crypto wallet application has transaction and balance history tabs that allow users to monitor their cryptocurrencies portfolio in real-time.

Key Security Features Of Secalot

One of the major reasons traders and investors are looking for a crypto hardware wallet is extraordinary security. No trader wants to lose his funds. The Secalot wallet is one of the crypto hardware wallets you can trust in terms of security. The key security features of this hardware wallet include:

  • Secalot Remote Screen: As earlier stated, users can view and manage their cryptocurrency transactions details with the mobile app Secalot Remote Screen. Every data between the mobile device and Secalot hardware device is sent through TLS or SSL channel, which is secured. This channel makes sure the private keys do not leave the Secalot device. 
  • Recovery seed: Users of the Secalot hardware wallet are presented with a 24-word recovery seed when creating their account and activating the wallet. With this recovery seed, users can recover their private keys and lost wallets. 
  • A Universal second factor (U2F): Users of the Secalot wallet can have their hardware wallet registered to other services such as Facebook, Google, Nextcloud, and GitHub,  as a second secure factor connected upon login. 
  • OpenPGP Smart Card: Secalot hardware crypto wallet can function as a native smart card. This smart card performs various cryptographic actions and allows integration of different existing software through PKCS#11 and the GnuPG interface. These actions below can be performed: 
  • Email signing and encryption 
  • File encryption and signing 
  • Encryption of hard disk through TrueCrypt
  • Computer device login under Linux 
  • SSH and VPN connections through Secalot. 
  • Secure Data Storage: The Secalot hardware crypto wallet has a secured micro-controller that performs cryptographic operations and securely stores sensitive and personal information of users. 
  • Constant updates: The Secalot hardware crypto wallet supports the continuous updating of its firmware. When the firmware is easily and regularly updated, it introduces new and advanced security features to the device (Secalot wallet) and fixes different bugs. This keeps the crypto wallet working at optimal. 
  • One-Time-Password Generator: With this security feature, users can log into different applications and websites securely. OTP serves as an extra security factor, such as universal two-factor authentication. This type of authentication is done with a Secalot Stick instead of an app.

What’s In The Box? 

The Secalot hardware wallet box consists of the Secalot hardware crypto wallet, which has an eyelet for carrying the wallet around your neck. You will see a label on the bag that shows information about the version number. 

Pros And Cons Of Secalot Hardware Crypto Wallet 


Some of the pros of Secalot hardware crypto wallet include:

  • The Secalot hardware wallet has advanced features. 
  • It consists of advanced security features, which makes it a very secure wallet for cryptocurrencies. 
  • Secalot is competitively priced. 
  • It is a versatile crypto wallet available on both the software wallet app and a hardware dongle. 
  • Secalot hardware crypto wallet is very transparent. It has an open-sourced source code. 


Some of the cons of Secalot hardware wallet are:

  • The Secalot hardware crypto wallet supports limited cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and ECR20 standard tokens. 
  • The Secalot wallet depends on MyEtherWallet, electrum, and other third-party wallets. 
  • There is no instruction or installation guide manual in the hardware wallet package. 
  • It has no strong presence in the crypto wallet market. 

Final Words 

Secalot may have limited cryptocurrencies that it supports, but it is a secure hardware crypto wallet. When it comes to security, the Secalot hardware wallet is among the best. Users’ funds and sensitive information are safe against hacks and inconsistencies. It is possible because of the many security features it comes with, as explained above. Nevertheless, you can compare it with other hardware wallets before making a choice.

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