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Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets are handy so far as the handling of digital assets is concerned. Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets are beneficial so far as the handling of assets is concerned. Trezor One is one such device that comes with multiple security features for your digital assets and trading.  Trezor One supports all major computer operating systems: Windows (version 10 or newer), macOS (version 10.11 and higher), and Linux except iOS and Windows Phone.

What is ‘Trezor One’?

Trezor One, created by SatoshiLabs and is one of the most popular hardware wallets used to store cryptocurrencies. Trezor One, also known as Trezor, was the first in the industry to provide the option of passphrase protection. Cryptocurrency users consider Trezor One the best because of its affordability, security, and ease of use.

Why do you need to buy ‘Trezor One’?

If you are a newbie in the world of cryptocurrency, then Trezor One will be the best option for you. You can easily set up this device and start using it within a few minutes. Cryptocurrency traders buy assets and tokens from the Trezor wallet application instantly and you are set to begin trading.

Key Features of ‘Trezor One’

  • Supported Operating Systems: You can install Trezor One in Linux, macOS, and Windows operating systems. You can also use this Trezor One wallet application on an Android phone. iOS and Windows phone are not yet supported.
  • Compatible with Exodus Wallet: Most cryptocurrency users like to use Trezor One in conjunction with Exodus Wallet. Hence, the compatibility of Trezor One with the Exodus Wallet is considered a great feature.
  • Cryptocurrencies Supported: Trezor One supports more than 1000 coins. Choosing Trezor One will be ideal if you wish to have a diverse choice.

Key Security Features of ‘Trezor One’

  • PIN Protection: While you are setting up the Trezor One application, it will redirect to the starting page so that you create a PIN to protect the device from unauthorized access.
  • Recovery Seed Words: 24-word recovery seed words were first used by the Trezor team to ensure the users can recover their lost data.
  • Passphrase Support: You can add a passphrase while creating another account and secure some crypto assets for additional security. If you forget the PIN, this account can be accessed, and the stored assets will remain protected.
  • Multi-signature Security: Several crypto users want extra protection because they don’t want to put their wallets at risk. Hence, they employ multi-signature to protect their wallet from unauthorized access.

What’s in the Box?

  • Keychain, Lanyard, and Stickers: You can officially mark yourself as a customer.
  • Trezor One Device: This comes along with an LCD screen.
  • USB Cable including Trezor branding: This helps you connect the device to a computer or mobile phone.
  • Seed Backup Cards: Helps you recover your data even if the device malfunctions.
  • Guide to using the Device: This helps even beginners to set up their wallets like professionals.

How to use ‘Trezor One’: Step by Step Information

Step:1 – Install Trezor Bridge

You have to connect the USB cord with the Trezor One device. Then, go to in a default web browser. Before using the website, make sure the browser you are using is up-to-date. New users will be required to select Trezor One as their device. Don’t refresh the page before making sure the Trezor Bridge has been installed correctly.

Step:2 – Install Firmware

After the device gets recognized by Trezor One, users are asked to install the firmware. You have to click on the ‘install firmware’ option. The device will be rebooted automatically after the installation process.

Step:3 – Backup Your Recovery Seed

Click on the “Create a new wallet” option that you will find in the Trezor web interface. Then, if you see the device is not backed up, create a backup of recovery seed. Remember that the recovery seed should never be lost or stolen because you might lose all the assets. Moreover, you should not take any phone of the recovery seed.

Step:4 – Create a PIN Code

You have to create a PIN code to protect the device from unauthorized access. PIN code usually contains 4-9 digits.

Trezor One Pros and Cons

Easy and quick to use: The setup process is easy and can be carried out even by freshers. Not free like software wallets: There are software wallets that are free to use. But this model requires a purchase, thereby limiting the number of users.
Affordable: After all, not everyone has a very high budget. This is pocket-friendly and a famous choice.No support for iOS users: There are loads of iOS users in the market, and the lack of iOS support will prevent it from reaching the global market.
More than 1000 cryptos are supported: The absence of a limit to storage makes it a good choice.Cannot purchase most cryptos with fiat: This is one of the most crucial back draws of the wallet.
Android and OS supported: The absence of support for other software limits the number of people that can use it.Expensive than competitors: Not everyone has a very high budget. If people find better software at a lower price in the market, they will not choose this Wallet anymore.

Is the Trezor One Hardware Wallet Safe to Use?

So far as your assets are concerned, they are perfectly safe with the Trezor One hardware wallet. Their stringent security measures make them safe for all users. The seed card protects your data via the backup feature.

Final Words

Trezor Model One with Passphrase Protection is highly recommended. The device is effortless to use and includes multiple security and protection features. You should go through the user manual to start using the device in a few minutes. This might not be as advanced as the others but is undoubtedly safe and a fair investment to help you with your basic wallet needs.

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