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Watching ads as you browse the internet is no longer an irritating chore, with the Brave browser paying you in cryptos to do so. Learn how to earn cryptos using the Brave browser.

Browsing the internet has almost become a daily activity because rarely does a day go by without almost everyone accessing the internet. So, naturally, you need an internet browser to perform this activity. So, would it not be excellent to use an internet browser that lets you earn money as you keep using it? Yes, you have a browser that allows you to earn cryptocurrency as you browse. It is the Brave Browser. Let us understand how to earn bitcoins in Brave

What is Brave Browser?

Brave browser is a privacy-focused browser that prevents users from being tracked online. In simple terms, it prevents advertisers and marketing websites from tracking your activities. Besides privacy, Brave fundamentally changes the way websites make money. It uses the Basic Attention Token (BAT) cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain. Like web browsers such as Chrome, Opera, and Edge, Brave uses Google’s open-source Chromium browser code. Therefore, it is compatible, user-friendly, and fast. Besides, it comes with innovative features like inbuilt Ad Blocking and offers Web Tracking Protection. BitTorrent utility is also available on Brave, and it offers a crypto wallet.

Why Use The Brave Browser?

Brave browser download facility is available on its official website Installing the browser does not take much time, and it does not occupy much space. Here are the advantages of using the Brave browser.

  • Faster browsing experience – As there are no ads and pop-ups, users enjoy faster browsing speeds because of quicker page loading time speeds.
  • Block Ads – It features an in-built Ad blocking feature to allow seamless streaming.
  • Provides high privacy – The browser does not store any personal info and thus, protects your privacy.
  • Earn Money – It offers the facility to view ads and earn money. Besides, users earn money by referrals.
  • Higher security – It upgrades HTTP sites to HTTPS to provide greater security.
  • Free to use – The browser is free to install and use.

Let us now understand how to earn cryptocurrency using the Brave browser.

How To Earn Rewards Using The Brave Browser?

As mentioned earlier, the Brave browser uses BAT. Here are some ways how to earn BAT on the Brave browser. There are four ways how to earn BAT for free.

  • Installing Brave – Brave browser rewards users from the onset by offering them BAT worth $5 for installing and using the browser for a minimum of 30 days. Besides, it offers opportunities to get random grants worth around 25 to 40 BATs monthly. Hence, it is a simple way to earn cryptos.
  • Watching Ads – While Brave comes with an inbuilt Ad blocking feature, users can choose to turn on Brave Ads when installing it and earn BAT for browsing the web and watching ads. In addition, users can choose to view the maximum number of ads per hour (between 1 and 5). As of date, one BAT equals $1.10, and more than 1.5B BATs are circulating in the market.
  • As Content Creator – Podcasters, content creators, bloggers, and YouTubers can join BAT Rewards programs and send BAT tips directly to any website. Their followers can also choose to make monthly donations to support their channels.
  • Refer Friends – Referring friends and asking them to download the browser using their referral links allows users to earn somewhere between $1 to $7.5 worth of BAT. However, one should become a Brave creator to get a referral link.

The BAT Withdrawal Process

You have seen the best ways how to earn BAT on Brave. Let us now look at the BAT tokens withdrawal process and how to earn Bitcoins in Brave. While you can earn and contribute BAT without any sign-up process, you must verify your crypto wallet with Uphold to receive funds from other accounts and withdraw BAT. You can sign up with Uphold using your debit/credit card, verify your identity, and complete KYC formalities. Clicking on the “Withdraw Funds” option on Rewards Settings directs you to the Uphold account for transferring, exchanging, or withdrawing BAT.

Final Words

Earning cryptos has become a fad today. But, when you have an internet browser like Brave allowing you to earn cryptos for using it to browse the internet, it shows that earning cryptos has become easier. The Brave browser revolutionizes the way people browse the internet by encouraging them to view ads and earn cryptos. So, you can perform what you love the most and get paid for it simultaneously. It is like having your cake and eating it too.

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