Cryptocurrencies are the best investment in today’s world, and Permission provides you a platform to earn free crypto every day without the hassle of trading. Let us look at how to earn free crypto on Permission by creating an account and the various ways of earning free crypto on Permission.

What Is Permission? is a blockchain platform that provides the opportunity to earn free crypto every day without trading. The platform has its cryptocurrency, the ASK token, with a maximum supply of 100 Billion. Permission was created to end the current advertising scenario and allow users to earn freely by controlling their data and browsing the Internet. You can earn free ASK tokens on Permission daily.

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How To Earn Free Crypto on provides the ability to earn free crypto every day by just browsing the Internet. Yes, you can earn free crypto every day in just three steps:

Step:1 – Go to and create an account by entering the following details (You can use the exclusive referral link to sign up on Permission)

Step:2 – Verify your email

Step:3 – Start earning free crypto by watching videos, shopping, and other rewards.

Is Permission Legit?

Yes, seems like it is legit. The platform does award you with free crypto (ASK tokens) if you complete daily tasks. Permission requires identity verification using a valid ID and uses the Google Authenticator to verify all log-ins. But with new platforms, one can never be 100% sure, which is why we request you to assess the platform carefully and then decide if it is for you. You can also visit Permission’s FAQ page for more details about the platform.

Different Ways of Earning

  1. Permission Videos: You can watch videos on the platform to earn ASK tokens. Videos provide 50, 100, or even more ASK tokens. Mystery videos can help you earn up to 1000 ASK tokens.
  2. Permission Referrals: ASK allows you to earn ASK tokens by referrals. You can get your code to earn 100 ASK tokens every time someone uses your referral link to sign up to
  3. Permission Shop and Earn: You can also visit Permission’s Shop and Earn store to earn and buy products. You earn ASK tokens by watching product videos and purchasing apparel, posters, electronics, gift cards, and more on the store using ASK.
  4. Permission Browser Extension: You can also add its browser extension that filters all your ads while browsing to help you earn ASK while surfing the Internet.

Please note that all ASK tokens and rewards can only be completed or transferred to your permission wallet once you verify your identity. All daily rewards such as videos are refreshed every 12 hours to earn free ASK every day.

How To Verify Your Identity On

  1. Once you have created an account on Permission, go to Settings > Verify Me.
  2. Permission requires identification via a user agreement, a live photo, and a valid ID, as shown below.
  3. Agree to the terms and upload the ID and photo to complete your verification.

The Team Behind The Platform

Charlie Silver, an entrepreneur with the mission to transform the current intrusive advertising model on the web found Permission to provide consumers more control over their time and data to benefit more by using the Internet. The platform provides you with free crypto earnings daily without trading. Permission’s team has several entrepreneurs from technology, finance, media, engineering, and PhDs behind it to achieve their goal of earning via advertisements.

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