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With the continuous addition of NFTs and collectibles, people are looking for the best marketplace to create and trade NFTs. Nifty Gateway has become the premier marketplace for digital trading items. Let’s look at Nifty Gateway’s features, sign-up, and NFT minting process along with Nifty Gateway’s supported currencies, buying/selling procedure, fee structure, and its pros and cons.

What Is Nifty Gateway?

Nifty Gateway is an NFT marketplace for minting and selling NFTs (digital arts and collectibles) to collectors. Nifty Gateway is a blockchain-based marketplace for accessing highly sought-after beautiful arts and collectibles from well-known artists such as Trevor Jones, Beeple, Michael Kagan, Deadmau5, Calvin Harris, Kenny Scharf, and Cey Adams. It is owned by a crypto exchange platform, Gemini, which the Winklevoss twins own.

Key Features Of Nifty Gateway 

Below are the key features of Nifty Gateway:

  • Secure Platform: Gemini owns it, so it has the best security technology.
  • Payment Options: Nifty Gateway supports more than one payment or funding option. 
  • Technology: It works on blockchain technology.
  • Wallet Availability: Nifty Gateway NFT marketplace has no wallet for storing NFTs.
  • Fees: It features a range of tokens at affordable fees.
  • Accessibility: It allows you to display your Nifties, withdraw them to external wallets, and even add Nifties to your collections from external wallets

How Does Nifty Gateway Work? How Can I Mint An NFT On Nifty Gateway?

Nifty Gateway operates with Top artists and brands to create collections of limited edition, high-quality Nifties, exclusively available on their platform. Every collection will drop or be opened at a specific and limited time segment. Nifty Gateway is a USD centralized-based marketplace to buy and sell Nifties. It allows you to display your Nifties, withdraw your Nifties to an external wallet. You can also deposit Nifties from an external wallet into your collection.

What Currencies Can You Use On Nifty Gateway?

Nifty Gateway is built of Ethereum network that uses Ether. However, buyers can also pay with their debit or credit card for NFTs using USD. 

Nifty Gateway NFTs: Types Of NFTs Can You Buy On Nifty Gateway?

Some of the popular Nifties you can trade include FACES, Genesis.001, Le Anime, and the Bitcoin Angel. There are many other Nifties of popular artists like Eminem and Trevor Jones. 

How To Open An Account On Nifty Gateway?

Opening an account on Nifty Gateway to start buying and selling NFTs is easy. You can follow the following steps to open an account on the Nifty Gateway NFT marketplace:

  • At the top right corner of Nifty Gateway’s landing page, you will see a login/sign-up button. Click on the button. You can also use this link to sign-up faster. 
  • Choose your username, submit your valid email address and, and enter a password. It’s better to use a combination of numbers, letters, and special characters for the password.
  • You have now opened an account on Nifty Gateway. Start buying and selling your favorite Nifties.

How To Buy An NFT On Nifty Gateway?

You must create an account before buying an NFT (Nifty) on the Nifty Gateway marketplace. Click on the sign-up button on the Nifty Gateway homepage and submit your details -password, username, etc. You are set to buy/bid on your desired NFTs. You can do this in two ways – paying with your card or Ethereum (ETH pre-paid balance).

How To Sell An NFT On Nifty Gateway?

It is easy to sell your NFTs (Nifties) on the Nifty Gateway platform. You can use MetaMask digital wallet and upload your NFT for sale on the Nifty Gateway Omnibus Wallet. This is the only accepted way to accept NFT deposits for now. If, on the other hand, you don’t have any NFT, you can become a Nifty creator and sell your created artwork. However, you must apply to be a creator through the website. The process requires you to pass an interview and submit an 8-part questionnaire.

Nifty Gateway Fees

Nifty Gateway NFT marketplace takes 5 percent of the taxes and sale price. An additional 30 cents is collected to cover transactions fees. The original artist of any Nifties gets 10% of the sale price as an artist commission. You can find the detailed fee structure on Nifty Gateway’s page. 

Nifty Gateway Pros And Cons

Following are the pros and cons of the Nifty Gateway NFT Marketplace – 


  • It is a premier centralized, USD-based marketplace for buying and selling Nifties.
  • Creators or artists can make money selling their NFTs on Nifty Gateway. 
  • Nifty Gateways has more than one payment option.
  • It has exclusive collections. 
  • Nifty Gateway is an eco-friendly NFT marketplace.


  • It has a limited withdrawal option. 
  • The fee structure is not fully transparent. 
  • For anyone to be accepted by Nifty Gateway, they must be a popular artist. 
  • It is a custodial NFT marketplace – has no wallet. 

Final Words

Nifty Gateway is a platform on which artists can shape NFTs by signing smart contracts over the blockchain and selling the resulting works to collectors. It allows users to purchase NFT in Fiat currency by using their credit card/debit card as a typical online purchase. Its exclusive marketplace is reserved for music and artworks curated by the Nifty team. Each platform has its artistic atmosphere, like a gallery that specializes in abstract art. As with symbolic artworks, NFT artists assure collectors that each piece is unique in the blockchain and can be managed independently of ownership. Nifty Gateway also offers a user-friendly interface along with two-factor authentication for your account security.

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