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Wealth creation through the usage of technology is a paradigm shift from the days of yore. State-of-the-art systems power an ecosystem that is gradually transforming the financial landscape. Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a significant role in it is Artificial Intelligence (AI), and who better to use it than Kristal AI.

Kristal AI Overview

Kristal AI is a global digital-first private wealth platform that provides comprehensive wealth management solutions to beginners and ultra-high net worth individuals. It is a Singapore headquartered B2C investment platform founded by Asheesh Chanda, its CEO, on January 18, 2016. Kristal AI is also known as O2O Technologies. The company is licensed and operational in Singapore, Hong Kong, India, and the Middle East.

How Does Kristal Work?

The company provides investment solutions to a wide range of investors. The start-up has an in-house Investment Committee (IC) comprising domain experts with a cumulative experience of 120 years. The core of the Kristal decision making is powered by Kristal’s proprietary AI GAIAA or (Genetic Algorithm-based Iterative Asset Allocation), which helps the IC cherry-pick promising ETFs. This algorithm runs simulations to check the strength of each portfolio. It also automates the monitoring of portfolio performance. 

Key Features of Kristal AI

Following are the features of Kristal AI – 

  • Funds Platform: For the accredited investor, Kristal.AI has the Funds Platform
  • Credible Partnerships: Kristal has partnerships with some of the world’s premium funds, which helps them bring their strategies directly on the platform.
  • Access to Multiple Bank Accounts: Through their Managed Accounts solution, investors can integrate, manage, and access multiple bank accounts through a single platform, albeit the private ones. 
  • Continuous Analysis: The best feature of this is the services is the on-the-go analysis. 
  • Private Labelled Funds: There is also a curated service (Curated ETFs) for the interested users called the Private Labelled Funds. 
  • Investing Guidance: This service offers curated advisories to help investors make informed decisions. They also get exposed to multiple asset classes. 

Reasons to choose Kristal.

There are many reasons behind choosing an investment advisor, but it all boils down to efficiency and costs. Kristal counts relatively high on all the accounts. It has no entry fee for an investment upto $10000. This is a major draw for first-time investors who wish to build their portfolios. A range of top ETFs is selected for the consumers, thereby helping them focus on further expanding their capital. One of the best features of Kristal.AI is that it provides a treasure trove of educational resources, right from entry-level to the more advanced forms of investing. The library is a must for enthusiasts as well as those who are accredited and experienced. Finally, Kristal allows the user to create their investment portfolio. The algorithm identifies the risks, financial goals, and preferences. Kristal.AI also enables the user to customize their portfolio.

Types of portfolios offered by Kristal

The following are the portfolios that Kristal offers

  • Curated ETFs: Choose from the very best collection of ETFs with the help of the Kristal algorithm.
  • Auto Rebalanced Portfolio: There are four portfolios under it:
  • All-Weather US-Unleveraged
  • Katalyst
  • Kristal Conservative ETF Portfolio
  • Kristal High Growth ETF Portfolio
  • Kristal Growth ETF Portfolio
  • Kristal Target 2030 ETF Portfolio
  • Kristal Private Wealth: A myriad options are available for the investors ranging from high-performance funds to alternative investments, tailor-made products, to fractional bonds. 

Kristal Fees

  • Advisory Fees for investments on ETFs of up to $10000 – $0
  • Advisory fees above $10000 – 0.30%
  • No minimum investment amount but $5000 is recommended for Kristal Private Wealth.

Kristal AI Pros and Cons

Following are the pros and cons of the Kristal AI


  • No management fees for ETFs up to $10000
  • Ability to create one’s management portfolio
  • Best ETFs identified by the algorithm
  • A treasure trove of educational resources


  • Inability to use SRS and CPF funds to invest
  • Additional charges incurred for funds withdrawals and deposits made in AUD, EUR and GBP

Conclusion: Is Kristal safe to invest for beginners?

There are enough safeguards for the beginners, and it is a safe platform to watch your portfolio grow. The algorithm is a smart tool combined with the insights gained from the Investment Committee. Kristal AI is one of the best Robo-advisors available in the market today.

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