In this world of technological advancements, there is a deluge of investment options and platforms. However, POEMS brings together, for its investors, many trading platforms in the same place. Wondering what unique features are in store for you? We have got you covered with all the info. Read this article to know more.

POEMS Overview

Short for Phillip Online Electronic Mart System, POEMS extends its services across many industries, localities, and countries. It brings together a variety of trading platforms to cater to the needs of independent investors. POEMS aims to offer the diversity of investment options of ETFs or Exchange Traded Funds. It makes the very process of investment a cakewalk even for beginners. With the help of POEMS, you can analyze your risks and invest smartly with no extra effort.

How Does POEMS Work: Features Offered by Poems?

POEMS brings together several trading platforms and creates the perfect atmosphere for investors, both newcomers, and professionals, to work in. It has a variety of features in store for you. Let us look at a few – 

  • Exchange-Traded Funds: This refers to the Investments listed and traded mainly on a stock exchange. They usually keep track of the very way a particular set is performing. They also correspond to or even replicate the same. ETFs are well known for the array of assets that they provide access to. 
  • Excess Funds Management: Excess funds management is a service provided by POEMS that lets you invest small amounts into the Phillip Money Market Fund that involves governmental and corpororate-related bonds that last for about 397 days . You can create your account even with a balance of SGD 100. You can redeem or withdraw the funds in the purchase of an investment and withdrawal requests.

Phillip SMART Portfolio

Phillip SMART Portfolio, analysis your investments and finds you the perfect portfolio. Right from creating the account to the investment process, it provides easy-to-use interface. It monitors and manages the performance of your account.

Why Should You Choose POEMS?

POEMS is one of the best platforms of its kind. Here is why you should choose it over the others.

  • An Array of Options: POEMS gives you access to as many as 40,000 varieties of products and 26 exchanges worldwide. This includes Futures, Stocks, Gold, Forex, as well as Regular Savings plans or RSPs.
  • Competitive Rates: POEMS will provide you with the best rates for all your trading activities. The Cash Plus Account will help you save a lot of fees that are charged as brokerage.
  • A Reliable Platform: Established way back in the year 1975, POEMS has carved a niche for itself in the hearts of investors for a long time. The team works hard day and night to provide its customers with the best products and services.
  • Beginner-Friendly: Newcomers can learn about investments through articles and seminars before investing. Apart from all this, the platform provides trade options with ten separate kinds of cryptocurrencies. There are no fees charged for creating accounts.

What are the Types of Portfolios Offered by POEMS?

POEMS is a platform that is well known for its thematic portfolios that are directed at the global economy and its future. These portfolios contain the names of several Companies who uphold the same kind of idea or theme about environmental, social, or even economic trends in the recent past.   

Thematic Portfolios by POEMS help investors locate and recognize megatrends and shape their investment strategy to invest in long-term policies.

What are the Fees Charged by POEMS?

POEMS is well known for its low fees. Let us take a look – 

  • For Account Opening: You can create an account on Phillip SMART Portfolio free of charge.
  • For Investments: You can start investing with an amount as little as $ 5,000.
  • For Platform and Brokerage: POEMS has no charges for brokerage. They have no platform fees either.
  • For Management: POEMS generally charges a management fee of 0.5%. 

POEMS: Pros and Cons of the Platform

Following are the pros and cons of the POEMS Robo advisors – 

Advantages of POEMS:

  • No Brokerage Fees: POEMS charges no extra fees for brokerage.
  • Free Account Creation Option: No extra fees are charged for creating accounts.
  • Low Management Fees: A management fee as low as 0.5 % is charged. 
  • Thematic Portfolios: This helps all customers keep track of the latest investment trends.

Disadvantages of POEMS:

  • High Commission Fees: Compared to the other charges, the commission fees charged by the platform are usually high. 
  • High Inactivity Fees: If you’ve been inactive for a long time, an activity fee of $15 per quarter is charged.

Is POEMS Safe to Invest For Beginners?

As mentioned earlier, POEMS is perfectly safe for beginners. It provides step-by-step guidance to the ones who are new to investing. Nevertheless, every investment platform comes with a certain amount of risk, which is common for all. Apart from them, there is nothing that should stop a beginner from investing in POEMS.

Final Words

With no brokerage fees and low management fees for transactions, POEMS has won the hearts of investors for over 45 years. As discussed above, with the different types of portfolios offered, you can start planning your funds to manage adequately.

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