There are many options to choose a Robo advisor for your financial goals. Let us look at the detailed SquirrelSave review to help you choose the best Robo advisor.

SquirrelSave Overview

SquirrelSave is a competent Robo advisor. It is one of the best Robo-advisors for people who do not know how to invest. The AI-driven SquirrelSave automatically invests your money in ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) listed in USA exchanges. SquirrelSave provides you with excellent investments if you want to save for retirement, your kids, or want to build wealth. This platform is one of the best Robo advisors as it comes with low fees, personalized portfolios, and easy investments.

Key Features

SquirrelSave does this with its unique features that include:

  • SquirrelSave Risk Profiler: The unique risk profiler helps the platform design an individual investment portfolio for your goal. It works by defining how much risk you are willing to take with investments.
  • SquirrelSave Digital Asset Allocation System (DAAS): SquirrelSave’s DAAS system uses real-time data with proprietary algorithms to define a personalized investment portfolio. DAAS helps you reach your investment goals the easy way. In addition to Data Analytics, this feature also uses an accounting system with trade optimization.

You can learn more about SquirrelSave here.

How Does SquirrelSave Work?

SquirrelSave’s smart AI Robo-advisor manages all risks before providing a personalized investing portfolio. It achieves this by:

  1. Analyzing Risk Profile: The platform defines a risk profile to know how much risk you want to take with your investments ensuring the highest profitable returns.
  2. Saving Amount: It asks the amount you want to save. The amount is the target goal for the AI advisor.
  3. Deposit Money: You need to transfer funds to your investment portfolio after you have the investment portfolio.

The Robo advisor will work on your goals by managing your investments for you. You can learn more about how SquirrelSave works here.

Reasons To Choose SquirrelSave

SquirrelSave is one of the best investment advisors with many distinguishing features such as:

  • Personalized Portfolios: The platform is personalized to creating an investment portfolio for your money goals. It differs from the competition as it does not group you into a standard portfolio.
  • AI-driven: SquirrelSave is an AI-drive Robo advisor. The AI (Artificially Intelligent) advisor relies on data and analysis for the best investment options. Moreover, it uses real-time latest data 24*7.
  • Risk Management: The Robo advisor also considers your risk factor to best manage your funds and control the risk you are willing to take beforehand.
  • Forward-Looking: It uses proprietary algorithms with over 13 years of machine learning and over 4 billion insights. Furthermore, it provides a portfolio with the highest returns to achieve your investment goals quickly.

You can learn more about SquirrelSave and what makes it one of the best Robo advisors here.

Types Of Portfolios Offered By SquirrelSave

SquirrelSave provides you with different portfolios to choose from, including:

Wealth Builder Portfolio: The platform provides you with the option to help you reach your wealth goals. You need to set a wealth goal. In addition to your goal, SquirrelSave will analyze your risk profile with account inflation. The Robo advisory platform will suggest how much you need to save. You can also choose how much you want to start with.

Retirement Portfolio: SquirrelSave also provides a retirement portfolio. All you need to provide is:

  • Years until your retirement
  • Years of retirement for finance
  • Money per year of retirement

In addition to the above, the platform will also provide a personalized investment portfolio for your retirement goals.

Kids Portfolio: The Robo-advisor makes it easy for you to save for your children. It requires:

  • Years remaining before the requirement of funds
  • The place and course of study
  • It will create an investment plan for your kid’s future.

Gifting Portfolios: You can also give investment portfolios from as little as a Dollar.

Cash Management – MoneyBox

SquirrelSave provides more than portfolios. It also offers easy cash management via MoneyBox. SquirrelSave’ MoneyBox works like a bank where you can deposit funds. It provides returns on your funds without restrictions or penalties on withdrawals. Some of the features –

  • 2.15% returns P.A.
  • Zero Fees
  • Free deposits/withdrawals anytime
  • No lock-in
  • $1 minimum amount

MoneyBox provides you returns on your money by investing MoneyBox funds in UOB United SGD Fund Class B and Money Market Fund Class B. Moreover, you can use MoneyBox without the obligation to use SquirrelSave’s investment portfolios. Learn more about SquirrelSave’s MoneyBox and how it works here.

SquirrelSave Fees

SquirrelSave charges different types of fees, including:

  • Management Fee: 0.5% per annum management fee is charged based on your portfolio’s average net asset value. It is deducted from arrears and reflected in monthly statements.
  • Performance Fee: a 10% performance fee is also charged by the Robo advisory at the end of the calendar year. The cost depends upon the goal of your investment portfolio and its USD value.
  • MoneyBox Fee: MoneyBox is currently free of cost and charges no fee. The platform reviews the fee waiver annually. A notice will inform clients before any decision to charge a fee for MoneyBox.

SquirrelSave offers a High Watermark feature applicable on performance fees. High Watermark ensures that a fee is only charged if your fund exceeds its maximum NAV (net asset value) of all time. You can learn more about SquirrelSave’s fee structure here.

Pros and Cons

Following are the pros and cons of the SquirrelSave Robo Advisor Platform –

Pros                                     Cons
Personalized PortfoliosNo choice of ETFs
Low fee structureLimited Portfolios
MoneyBox feature 
Risk Profiler Tool 
Investments Starting at $1 

Conclusion: Is the Platform Safe To Invest For Beginners?

SquirrelSave is indeed one of the best Robo advisors for your investment needs. In addition to personalized portfolios, a low fee structure puts SquirrelSave ahead of the competition. With an AI system, risk profiling, and real-time 24*7 market data. This Robo advisor is one of the best choices for new and experienced investors looking to complete their financial goals.

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