With the rise in investment with Robo-advisors, people need to know if they are worth it.  Let us look at StashAway, one of the oldest and top players in the market, what it is, all it offers, and if it is the one to go for.

StashAway Overview

StashAway is a Robo-advisor that provides a platform for wealth management and invests your money in exchange-traded funds (ETFs). StashAway selects investments for you and helps you set financial goals and estimate when you will achieve them. It was started by Michele Ferrario, Freddy Lim, Nino Ulsamer in 2016, with the motto being, “Wealth management, as it should be.”

StashAway has competitive fees, minimal investment, and a streamlined user interface. Its products include services for retail investors focusing on wealth creation and specific goals such as retirement and buying a house. With the StashAway platform, you can automate SRS (Supplementary Retirement Scheme) investments, open simple cash management accounts, take out a new maturity life insurance plan, and receive comprehensive asset management services.

How does StashAway work?

When we invest in StashAway, our money is invested via its AI algorithm into a basket of exchange-traded funds (ETFs). It replaces fund managers and helps spread money across different assets to maximize investment returns.

  • StashAway does not give you control over your portfolio as you cannot pick individual investments. You can only opt-out of the app, change risk factors, or decide to change the allocation of investments in your portfolio. Consider that the StashAway app uses a very precise algorithm to allocate your resources to different investment opportunities on your behalf.
  • The complete list of ETFs that it invests your money in can be found here. But that actual investment is made by the AI algorithm and not by you. You can only choose a portfolio or create your own with a personalized goal. You may also choose the risk factor you are willing to take for your investment.

Reasons to choose StashAway

You can choose StashAway for the following reasons –

  • No Experience Required: No knowledge is needed to invest using StashAway. You can just invest some money there and leave it or you can choose to make fixed deposits for your portfolio.
  • Government Oversight: StashAway is also regulated and licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and also by the Securities Commission in Malaysia.
  • Safety of Money: Assurance that your money will be kept in a separate deposit account at StashAway Academy. This means, in an unlikely event that the company goes bankrupt, your money will remain in this account.
  • No Minimum Investment: No minimum account is needed to start investing on StashAway instead of competitive robotic investors who require initial funds to be in the thousands.
  • Easy and Safe Withdrawals: You can withdraw your invested money at any time free of cost. (a 0.1% currency conversion fee might be charged).
  • Experienced Player: StashAway is not new; it has existed since 2016 and dominates the Robo-advisor scene.

Types of Portfolios offered by StashAway

The creation of multiple portfolios allows you to invest in different goals. You can fill in your details and receive a customized portfolio made just for you. There are two types of portfolios on StashAway. These can be divided into general portfolios and goal-based portfolios.

  1. General portfolios offer long-term investing. These are Income Portfolios and Thematic Portfolios. 
  2. Income Portfolios allow you to invest your money in SGD (Singapore Dollar)-denominated bonds, trusts, REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust), and equities. These include both government and corporate contracts and earn you a dividend that can be sent to your bank directly or reinvested. The minimum investment required for StashAway’s Income Portfolio is SGD 10,000.
  • Thematic Portfolios allow you to invest using your gut. Thematic Portfolios invest your money in technology and fields that you believe will grow, with the provided security of StashAway’s risk index. You can choose from three fields:
    • Technology – Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Robotics, etc.
    • Consumer Tech – Internet, Gaming, Social Media, E-commerce, etc.
    • Healthcare – Pharmaceuticals, Genomics, Biotech, etc.
  • Goal-Based portfolios allow users to invest by personalizing a plan. You can add a goal and the amount of time you want to reach that goal. The system creates a portfolio and uses specific strategies and investments to help you reach that goal. 

StashAway Fees

  • One of the huge advantages of Robo-advisors over traditional investment funds is their fees. Typically, a typical investment fund has an average charge of 3-5 percent a year, whereas StashAway charges a fraction of this, less than 1 percent.  
  • StashAway charges a minimal monthly management fee which is about 0.2-0.8% of the total assets it is managing for you.
  • It also charges an EFT handling fee which is between 0.15% and 0.25%.
  • StashAway does not charge for withdrawals or closing of accounts. The different fee charges can be found here.

StashAway Pros and Cons

Following are the pros and cons of StashAway Robo Advisor –


  • No minimum investment amount (Income Portfolios require minimum amounts)
  • Investing via both SRS funds and Cash
  • Minimal fee structure
  • Great security features and protocols


  • Investments are only made in ETFs
  • The minimum amount for an Income Portfolio is $ 10,000

Is StashAway Safe To Invest In For Beginners?

StashAway meets the needs of those who want to start small. Not only does it have a unique portfolio of income, but users can also invest in a diversified pool of asset classes to generate earnings and returns.

New investors can take advantage of the resources that StashAway provides free of charge for the first step towards their investing journey. To make it easier for you to get started, the company does not limit its study materials. All StashAway’s Academy materials are free of charge for everyone, even those who have not invested in the program.

Final Words

StashAway is a good option for beginners who want to diversify their investments internationally. But one should gather some knowledge before investing as the investments made globally might have risks. With no minimum investment, affordable fees, and a smooth app, it’s no wonder StashAway has taken newcomers by storm.

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