Syfe is a digital wealth management tool that aims to improve the performance of your financial assets. Read on to know more about Syfe!

Syfe Overview

Syfe analyzes your portfolio and suggests steps to improve your financial goals. For better outcomes, it offers fully managed investment portfolios, digital strategy, and risk analysis. The Monetary Authority of Singapore licenses Syfe under a Capital Markets Services License for conducting retail fund management activities. It has a range of investment portfolios to suit your financials, along with options for customization with no minimum entry or lock-in.

How does Syfe work?

Syfe analyses your assets and finances to help you make smooth investments. It provides professional guidance for investment, banking services, accounting, retirement, tax service, and estate planning.

Reasons to choose Syfe

The tool utilizes these analytics along with data solutions to customize and manage your retail fund investments.

  • Syfe provides its clients with state-of-the-art comprehensive solutions for their financials to reach their highest potential. The expert advisors of Syfe are ex-professionals from Goldman Sachs, DBS, UBS wealth experts.
  • You will be thoroughly educated about all activities and steps taken by Syfe towards curating your financial investments.
  • Give you a brief assessment of the financial risks involved so that you have the complete knowledge to take any necessary actions.
  • We have a weekly market commentary to navigate the complex financial markets.
  • Easy to manage online platforms for easy access to portfolios and investment profiles
  • Syfe has no minimum lock-in or holding period when investing. You can withdraw the deposited funds at any time without any withdrawal fees charged.
  • Your assets are held with Saxo, whose sub-custodians are Citibank for securities and HSBC for any un-invested cash. Your money and assets remain safe because they are stored separately from Saxo or Syfe’s assets.

Types of Portfolios offered by Syfe

There are four main types of Portfolios provided by Syfe:

  1. Core portfolios
  • Core Equity100: This portfolio offers an average annual return of 15.6%. It has access to over 1500 stocks of the world’s top companies, exposing you to the major global equities.
  • Core Growth: This portfolio has an average annual return of 10.81%. It offers higher return potential and long-term growth to its investors and has access to over 3500 stocks.
  • Core Balanced:  It offers an average annual return of 7.03%. This portfolio has an optimal mix of equities, bonds, and gold to build long-term wealth.
  • Core Defensive: This is a bond-heavy portfolio that offers an average annual return of 4.72%. It seeks to deliver better returns than traditional savings products.
  1. REIT portfolio
  • REIT+: Having a dividend return of 4.5% in 2020, thus portfolio aims to replicate the performance of the SGX iEdge S-REIT Leaders Index.
  1. Cash portfolio
  • Cash+: This investment has no management fees or lock-ups. This is a short duration investment with great returns.
  1. Syfe Select
  • Themes: Depending on your choice of investment allocation, you can choose a theme of your liking. It is a high-risk investment scheme having a three-year average return of 27.62%.
  • Custom: This portfolio has no boundaries. You can choose whatever you desire and customize it with what seems best to you.

Syfe Fees

Syfe provides you with the opportunity to grow your wealth slowly and steadily. Offering fully managed investment folios only at the minimum fees of 3.5% per year, Syfe has a Zero management fee for the Syfe Cash+ account. Other accounts include: 

  • Syfe Blue: Investment under SGD 20,000 and a management fee of 0.65% per year.
  • Syfe Black: Investment between SGD 20,000 and SGD 100,000, and a management fee of 0.50% per year.
  • Syfe Gold:  Investment over SGD 100,000 invested, and a management fee of 0.40% per year or even lower fees of 0.35% per annum if the investment is over SGD 500,000.

Syfe Pros and Cons

If chosen wisely, the portfolios offered by Syfe have the answers to all your investment questions while providing solutions that will help you to reach your desired financial goals. It provides you with the milestones that will guide your way to making the right investment decisions. Let’s explore the pros and cons that Syfe Investment Portfolios provide:


  • Having fiduciary guidance: Being in contract with a legal advisor obligates the individual to conduct investments in a manner that serves you best. This will provide you with easy financial planning that suits you the best.
  • Fee-based services: Its fee-based services are transparent. Syfe charges you with a flat percentage on your asset value.
  • Certified professionals: Syfe has a team of professionals having experience from the world’s top financial firms. Syfe is also regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, making them a credible firm to be trusted with your financials.


  • Fees and management cost: The cost of investment management serves as a considerable drawback. The investment and the management fees are going to cut into your profit. In this case, you can request a comprehensive quote to understand all applicable costs before investment clearly.

Conclusion: Is Syfe safe to invest for beginners?

As a beginner in the investment forte, it would be wise to start small. Observe how things work, understand the risks involved. Once you see growth in your financials, you can choose to take a bigger leap. If chosen wisely, the portfolios offered by Syfe have the answers to all your investment questions while providing solutions that will help you reach your desired financial goals. It provides you with the milestones that will guide you to make the right investment decisions. With Syfe providing various opportunities for investors to manage their financial funds adequately, you can proceed with your investment planning by gathering the information efficiently.

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