Top 10 Robo Advisors in Singapore

In this digital age, it is a natural thing for young investors to use Robo-advisors. They are soon going to become the top investment avenues. Here are the top ten MAS-regulated Robo Advisors in Singapore.

The younger generation is blessed with increased levels of financial awareness and familiarity with technological innovations. Hence, it is no surprise that Robo-advisors are witnessing an upward trend lately. Everyone knows about the rapid strides that UOB AM(Asset Management) has taken in revolutionizing the investment market in Singapore. Statista data points out various encouraging statistics on the Robo-advisory market in Singapore.

  • The Robo-advisory AUM in Singapore is poised for a quantum leap from $1.06 billion in December 2020 to nearly $ 2.62 billion by 2024 (an annual increase of around 25.3%).
  • Robo-advisory users are also expected to increase to 192,500 by 2024 from 104,900 in December 2020. That amounts to an increase of around 83%.
  • Today, you have banks like DBS and HSBC entering the Robo-advisory market by launching their online wealth management services.

Robo advisory services are growing in the Asia Pacific region, especially Hong Kong and Singapore. Here are the ten most popular Robo-advisors in Singapore in 2021. 


Poems, a product of PhillipCapital, is a pioneer in the Singapore online share trading market. Though Robo-advisory services have been available recently, Poems brings in the experience of nearly four and a half decades of share broking to the table. In addition, Poems offers a multitude of award-winning trade platforms to investors and traders across multiple global exchanges. The 40,000+ products available across 26 exchanges globally include stocks, ETFs, Forex, Gold, CFDs, Futures, RSP (Regular Saving Plans), Unit Trust, etc. At Poems, you get the benefit of attractive rates for trading. Besides, you can save on brokerage fees when trading with their Cash Plus Account. This unique account comes with a host of features like,

  1. No platform and custody fee
  2. Funding trade in more than nine ways
  3. Complimentary live prices for the gold market
  4. Settle trades with ten different countries
  5. Manage your idle cash into MM funds
  6. Low brokerage rates across 11 markets

Dedicated 24×7 customer support allows traders to enjoy a seamless and smooth trading experience. Further, you get the advantage of curated educational content and valuable insights to enhance your overall knowledge and uncover investment opportunities.

Tiger Brokers

Tiger Brokers is a one-stop trading platform offering a wide range of securities. It comes equipped with several exciting features like:

  1. 100% online trading with no minimum deposit stipulation
  2. Indulge in different types of trading like Margin and Cash trading
  3. MAS regulates tiger Brokers with DBS Bank, Interactive Brokers, and other financial institutions.
  4. It doesn’t impose any limit on the number of transactions. Also, it does not charge any custody fee, deposit/withdrawal fee, account maintenance fee, currency exchange fee, an inactivity fee.
  5. It offers a host of features like P&L analysis, one-click trading, stock options trading, and candlestick charts,  in addition to a comprehensive range of financial information.

This platform enables investors to access stocks, REITs, ETFs, warrants, options, and futures on multiple markets, including the US, China, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. In addition, 2FA security ensures protection for the user, whereas a separate custodian account enhances funds’ security. Tiger’s market data allows the investors to understand the market trends and analyze price fluctuations with ease. 

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers use the latest technology to help you achieve your financial goals by offering exciting investment opportunities and features.

  1. Trading Platform: A powerful trading platform for beginners and professionals available on web, app, and browser.
  2. Trading Tools: trading tools help you spot market opportunities, manage your account, and analyze results.
  3. Order Types: Traders can benefit from more than 100 order types, including limit orders and complicated algorithmic trading.
  4. Real-Time Data: A comprehensive reporting system provides real-time info like trade confirmations, margin details, portfolio analysis, and transaction cost analysis, and many more.

With Interactive Brokers, you can invest globally in stocks, futures, options, currencies, funds, and bonds using a single integrated account. Moreover, it is possible to fund your account and trade assets in multiple currencies. Interactive Brokers has the lowest commission rates with no added spreads, platform fees, ticket charges, or account minimums. Besides enjoying the low financing rates, you can also earn extra income on your lendable shares. This award-winning trading platform is popular because of its lowest costs, premier technology, and global access.

Saxo Markets

Saxo Markets is an award-winning platform offering a range of popular products that allow access to more than 40,000 instruments across various asset classes. One can invest, trade, and save from a single account. It offers  popular products like:

  1. Crypto FX – allows trading in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin against USD, EUR, and JPY.
  2. CFDs – with tight spreads and low commissions.
  3. Regular Savings Plans – low-cost, excellently managed portfolios starting from $100 per month
  4. Other Products – include commodities, options, ETFs, stocks, mutual funds, futures, bonds, and forex.

Saxo Markets has the backing of nearly 30 years of trust as it is fully licensed and regulated in 15 jurisdictions. This platform invests heavily in innovative technology to empower more than 810K clients and 120+ partner banks to place more than 188K trades daily at industry-leading prices.


Syfe, a reputed Robo-advisor regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, offers an extensive range of fully-managed portfolios without minimum entry or lock-in stipulations. Moreover, the low fee structure starting from 0.35% per year makes it one of the most accessible platforms to grow your wealth. Syfe offers an impressive range of portfolio which includes the following.

  1. Core Equity100 – helps gain higher potential returns with a 100% equity portfolio.
  2. Core Growth – focuses on global equities for higher returns
  3. Core Balanced – A comprehensive portfolio for long-term goals
  4. Core Defensive – concentrates on high-quality bonds for steady returns
  5. REIT+ – earn passive income
  6. Cash+ – earn 1.5% projected returns

Besides, Syfe offers five thematic portfolios and the option for the user to design a custom portfolio by choosing their underlying investments. Syfe offers a user-friendly mobile app to let you manage your funds on the go.

Funding Societies

Funding Societies specializes in short-term financing for SMEs funded by institutional and individual investors. It is South East Asia’s largest SME digital financing and debt investment platform. In addition to a range of lending options such as microloans, term loans, invoice financing, and other SME loans, Funding Societies offer interesting investment opportunities with short terms and periodic repayments. The investment returns of 7.28% (Singapore’s 2020 weighted average) are among the best in the industry. This platform is amongst the most popular, with more than 25K investors. Starting with an initial investment of $20, Funding Societies is trusted by SMEs and investors across SE Asia. 


Endowus provides excellent opportunities to invest your Cash, CPF, and SRS funds and offers expert advice along with exclusive access to the best-in-class funds at a low cost. One can start their investment journey with amounts as low as $1,000. Endowus has a fair fee structure comprising 100% trailer fee rebates (first in the industry) and an all-in-one fee ranging from 0.05% to 0.60% per annum. These low fees enable you to maximize your returns on investments. Endowus, a technologically equipped platform, offers an exciting range of investment solutions for all investors. These opportunities include the following.

  1. General Investing – helps grow your cash, CPF, and SRS funds in suitable portfolios.
  2. Cash Smart – no lock-up of funds and no fuss ensure that you save better and earn up to 2% per annum
  3. Fund Smart – enables investors to build their investment portfolios with better fund access and greater flexibility.
  4. Private wealth – an ideal personalized service for high-net-worth individuals investing S$1 million or more.

Features like opening a trust account with UOB Kay Hian make this Robo-advisory platform one of the most reliable and secure.


StashAway, licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, is the perfect Robo-advisory platform that allows you to manage your money on your terms. 

  1. StashAway Simple – a one-stop solution to manage your cash and earn a projected rate of 1.2% per annum and move money into investments
  2. Invest SRS funds – StashAway offers excellent options to save and plan for your retirement.

StashAway offers various benefits like,

  1. A low, transparent management fee
  2. Expert advice from real people
  3. Data-driven decisions 
  4. Unlimited withdrawals and free transfers
  5. Easily accessible through a smartphone app

Besides being licensed by MAS, StashAway provides the following features to make it a safe and reliable investment platform.

  1. Maintenance of separate custodian account
  2. 2FA at every step
  3. Secure server infrastructure


People new to investing can benefit by choosing SquirrelSave as their Robo advisor. This platform allows you to start small and build your way. Surprisingly, you can start your investment with amounts as low as $1. SquirrelSave AI ideally manages and rebalances your investment portfolio to ensure that you get the highest returns matched to your chosen risk level. This platform is licensed by MAS. The exciting features of SquirrelSave are as follows.

  1. Start with any amount, even as low as $1
  2. No lock-in period and withdrawable at any time
  3. Use the BuildWealth calculator and decide the top-ups required for achieving the desired wealth target.
  4. The RetirementSave calculator helps you to save appropriately for your retirement.
  5. Use this platform’s EducationSave calculator to save for your child’s education.


MoneyOwl bridges the gap between technology and people to ensure secured and reliable financial advisory services. MoneyOwl takes a holistic approach to your financial planning, ensuring that you retire peacefully without compromising on the quality of your living. It offers a range of quality services, including comprehensive financial planning, investment opportunities, insurance, and testamentary services. This Robo-advisory platform is the perfect go-to retirement partner in Singapore. The benefits of investing with MoneyOwl include,

  1. Income protection through low-cost insurance
  2. Carefully curated investment portfolios help your wealth grow
  3. Optimize CPF savings and project   your retirement income 
  4. Integrate with CPF LIFE and ensure a passive income stream
  5. Plan your estate well through legally valid wills

How to Choose the Ideal Robo-Advisor?

No doubt, the Robo-advisors perform a commendable job of analyzing various statistics before suggesting the ideal investment portfolios. But, an ideal Robo-advisor should have the following qualities that could benefit the investor.

  1. The fee structure should be reasonable and not eat into your returns.
  2. The Robo-advisory services should suit your requirements by suggesting the ideal investment portfolios.

However, investors should note that Robo-advisory services are in their pubescent stage, with much room for improvement. Hence, one should remember the golden investment rule of not putting all their eggs in the same basket. It is always good to invest in different funds that guarantee an ideal balance of safety and profitability. 

Final Words

Robo-advisory platforms are the result of technologically advanced processes that help investors select their ideal financial portfolios to optimize their investment growth. The above discussed top 10 Robo-advisor services are amongst the most popular platforms in Singapore today, and people should choose one according to their requirements.

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